Aren’t We Forgetting Something?

On the news tonight: “Russia and Ukraine may be on the brink of war. . . The largest hostilities since the annexation of the Crimea.”


10,000 dead and 1,5 displaced in the Donbass. Every day somebody dies there. It stinks that 6 Ukrainian sailors were wounded last week but it’s not even on the short list for the largest hostilities. Dumb fuckers.

5 thoughts on “Aren’t We Forgetting Something?”

  1. No, Ukraine isn’t about to start an existential war with Putin, because Ukrainian leaders know that they would lose it, and no Western countries would come to its defense.

    The Ukraine missed its chance — or Putin acted too quickly, realizing Obama’s weakness — to come under the protection of NATO and America’s nuclear umbrella. Now the Ukrainians are are their own against a bully they can’t possibly defeat.


  2. It’s what’s been me not get the news lately. I know very little about the war, ultimately, but at least I know it’s an ongoing conflict, and if it was just Western news being Western news I’d get it, but why is Poroshenko all of a sudden talking about martial law over 6 sailors?


    1. Russian military never before openly shot at Ukrainian military. They’ve been pretending that the soldiers who are shooting are rogues, on vacation, etc. This is the first time they escalated openly.

      The reason why Russia escalated openly is that Putin’s ratings dropped off a cliff over the raising of the retirement age. As somebody joked on Russian Twitter today, now that he attacked the Ukrainian ships, the ratings are back up and he can raise the retirement age to 80 if he wants.

      I sincerely thank you for your interest in the issue.


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