She should go into standup comedy, this lady.

And please, folks, stop saying she’s young. This would be cute if she were seven. In an adult, it’s not endearing.

22 thoughts on “Comedic”

  1. I don’t mind. The only issue that has any real import is climate change, and she’s right on that (though not quite radical enough). It’s ok being wrong on some small things if about the one big civilization-destroyer you are heading the right direction on at a good acceleration.


    1. // It’s ok being wrong on some small things if about the one big civilization-destroyer you are heading the right direction

      If she keeps saying weird things and lacks political experience, she most likely lacks any practical ability to turn her visions into reality. Even if she wins, her promises may remain unfulfilled.


  2. Agree with Mike and also don’t think she makes a bad point here. The huge expensive military response … it’s almost one soldier per migrant in the said caravan … is pretty infantile and pretty unrealistic


    1. Caseworkers are civilians. The idea of separating thousands of civilians from their families for an indeterminate period of time and sending them to the border with no living arrangements – I have no words. How can that be achieved? By threatening to fire them if they refuse?

      The military personnel signs up for this kind of thing because that’s the nature of the job. But civilians? How do you “send them” anywhere? How do you deliver the news? Say goodbye to your kids, you are shipped out tomorrow?


      1. You’re absolutely right about civilian workers! Unlike active-duty military, federal civilian employees are protected by iron-clad union rules, and you can’t make them do much of anything they don’t want — and usually can’t fire them no matter how incompetent they are.

        This was a growing problem in the military during my last years in the service, when the military “downsized” by replacing many previously active-duty positions with civilians. Guess what? If a war starts, you can’t deploy them; if an emergency occurs, you can’t force them to work overtime, even with extra pay; and if they want to call in sick so they can celebrate their dog’s birthday (true story), there’s nothing you can do about it.

        AOC wants to find 5,000 experienced civilian volunteers to live in tent cities on the border? That definitely qualifies as “comedy.”


        1. Wasn’t she supposed to be for worker rights? This would be an egregious violation of any worker rights.

          I’m quite scared by how much this suggestion to casually violate the rights of 5,000 workers to accommodate fluidity is celebrated. And what if they say, no, thanks, I kind of like living at home with my family and take care of my kids? Or they don’t get a choice?

          Five thousand people. Just like that. And tomorrow there will be more. And more.

          It beggars belief.


      2. The point being made is rhetorical.

        7,000 migrants, 5,000 social workers, you wouldn’t need 5,000 to do the paperwork in a day, and it would be a short business trip, people do those all the time. And hotels. They’ve got all kinds of them in San Ysidro, San Diego, Nogales, etc. And again: the point being made is rhetorical.


        1. Is that what she said? That she didn’t really mean it? Or are we assuming she didn’t really mean it because we want to give her the benefit of the doubt? Like we assumed she didn’t really mean that the population of the US is 500 million? Or that unemployment means the number of open job vacancies?

          One starts to wonder when she will actually start saying what she means.


          1. Well, it could also be done. But the larger point is simpler: 5000 aid workers could get more useful things done for far less $, if the point is to address the situation


              1. If she simply said, “I oppose the military response,” we wouldn’t be having this discussion. But she didn’t. I believe that words matter because they create our reality. This isn’t a random person trying to get Instagram likes. This is an elected official who is going to participate in creating policy. And the ethos she exhibits in these messages is disturbing to me.


              2. …but she is still in the phase of trying to get Instagram likes & also I think it’s meant as an exercise toward imagining something else, different from what is happening now


  3. // I’m quite scared by how much this suggestion to casually violate the rights of 5,000 workers to accommodate fluidity is celebrated. And what if they say, no, thanks, I kind of like living at home with my family and take care of my kids? Or they don’t get a choice?

    Then those evil Trump voters should be exchanged for moral, responsible workers ready to do those jobs. Surely, many migrants would be glad to take those jobs instead for fraction of the cost and without potential language barrier interfering too.

    / fully expect such claims to be made one day

    On another topic, I am now reading Bauman’s “Wasted Lives” and it is beautifully written.


    1. The whole idea of “let’s transplant these people to make it easier to transplant those other people” is fluidity times ten. Let’s keep shuffling everybody around because constant movement is the point. The possibility that people might not want to go where they are to be sent doesn’t enter calculations because nobody is supposed not to want to be transplanted. Like a relative of mine was told by his employer, “move to Brazil or lose your job.” When he tried to explain that he has a family, a mortgage and a life in Canada, nobody gave a crap.


  4. On sending 5000 case workers to the border: This is the entire left’s approach to immigration in a nutshell. There’s no policy beyond trying to be as ‘humanitarian’ as possible in any given situation with no further thought of context or consequence…. which ends up being a de facto open borders policy which will impoverish both native and immigrant workers in the long run.
    “Be nice” is not a plan or a policy.


    1. I mean, yeah, it works if the caseworkers just stand there with green cards, handing them out. Then it will be fast. But if they actually work with asylum claims, that will take time.


      1. It’s really curious how the leftist mentality has changed. It doesn’t occur to anybody to think about worker rights when they see this kind of statement. I’m a very old-school leftie (which today is considered a type of rightie), and my brain automatically goes to worker rights when I see this kind of thing.


        1. And also, it’s interesting how there’s no discussion of what happens once the migrants cross the border. What happens after that? Who will ensure that the children get their schooling, for instance? How will they get that schooling if they speak no English? Where are people supposed to go after the crossing? Aside from 5,000 visa officials, you’ll need a couple thousand social workers to figure all that out.

          But it’s like the border crossing is the end goal. It’s like the trans person from the Sunday NYTimes who is vilified because of suggesting that the transition – also a crossing over – won’t change anything or bring any joy. But no, that goes against the dogma because fluidity should be the goal and the highest sin is asking what’s so great about it.


  5. The average caseworker would be far too naive and idealistic to deal with the hooligan, roughneck and criminal types mixed in-between the families and peasants.
    They’d do alright with the families, but the aggressive types would overwhelm and override them, for sure. They’d still need some kind of military or police back-up.


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