FB Recommendations

FB does have a great recommendation algorithm, unlike Amazon. It’s sincerely hard to resist. Like this one:

Of course, I immediately bought it. And I normally hate, and I mean HATE, clothing with writing on it.

14 thoughts on “FB Recommendations”

  1. That advertising photograph looks photoshopped to me! Otherwise, the cross and letters wouldn’t be lined up so perfectly straight and vertical over a fabric that’s obviously wrinkled and pulled to one side.


        1. The shirt looks great but I look like shit. First day back to work and I’m a mess. I’ll wait until I look better and then post one. But I’m thankful for the interest.

          Besides, my husband is great at most things but his pictures stink. He always makes me look goofy.


  2. GM plant is closing in Youngstown. Will be absolutely devastating. Ohio politicians are very focused on this, nobody else cares. Haven’t heard a peep about it from anyone outside of Ohio except Elizabeth Warren. Which I wouldn’t mind if it was just one factory closing they ignored, but they ignore this whole problem. And people wonder why former Democrats in places like Ohio have turned their backs on the party. Why keep supporting a party that’s done nothing for you?

    Much of liberal twitter’s response is “those Trump voters had it coming,” of course, if they’ve even noticed this happened at all. Never mind that Youngstown didn’t even vote for Trump (it’s about half white half black.) Not that it would matter if they did; I’m tired of this trend of blaming regular people for the actions of economic elites.


      1. Keep saying Youngstown when I mean Lordstown. Have no idea what the demographics of Lordstown are and they could’ve voted for Trump; really doesn’t matter though.

        Elizabeth Warren is uncharismatic and I have doubts about her ability to beat Trump. Then there’s the dumb stuff about her Indian heritage. Yet she always makes my top five presidential candidates because she actually has ideas on this stuff and is thinking about the issue, which is unfortunately rare from Dem presidential contenders.


  3. I too don’t tend to like clothing with writing on. Words are communication and I like to be in control of what I’m communicating. There was a fashion a decade or so ago to have Chinese style writing on all sorts of things from shirts and jackets to bedcovers and wallpaper. As I don’t read Chinese I avoided all of these like the plague, how on earth was I meant to know what the writing actually said? It could be anything from ‘I love bananas’ to ‘Murder the children first.’


    1. I had to explain to my sister what it was and asked if she was sure it won’t make a bad effect in her very Jewish business and friendship circles.

      It’s really funny how she looks Jewish and identifies a lot more with the Jewish heritage. (She’s more pro-Israel than you, for instance.) And I look more Slavic, so I’m more into the Ukrainian stuff. We don’t do it on purpose. It just happens.


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