NYTimes: How a Liberal Couple Became Two of N.Y.’s Biggest Trump Supporters

NYTimes reaches a new low with breaking news about two gay guys who are Trump supporters. I mean, what makes this story even remotely interesting? We know there are people who support Trump. It’s a fact of objective reality we’ve all had two years to notice. Is it that they are gay? Well, I’ve got a newsflash: gay people are human. This means they can be super bright, super dumb, and anything in between. One would think that folks would have realized this by the end of 2018.

What’s next, two black people support Trump, so let’s write a long piece about it?

I hate this kind of thing because it is based on the assumption that gay people are not fully human and don’t have the full range of human characteristics. I also hate it because the genre of “OMG, I’m so mystified by the workings of the minds of Trump supporters” grew stale about 18 months ago.


3 thoughts on “NYTimes: How a Liberal Couple Became Two of N.Y.’s Biggest Trump Supporters”

  1. I actually don’t think Trump is really homophobic. I believe he doesn’t really care about gays and lesbians one way or the other, unless you’re an angry, liberal, anti-Trump gay.


  2. This article follows a very familiar template that I’ve seen in literally dozens of NYT “high society” articles:

    These articles all heap ridiculously glowing praise on the people in them (“He/she/they is/are perfect in every aspect of their social and professional lives — great chefs/ great hosts/ wildly successful in business/politics/ whatever…”). But then the article, apparently with no sense of irony or self-awareness, unwittingly ends up portraying the subjects as superficial, narcissistic clowns.

    In this specific article, the wonderful power couple sold out all their principles because Chelsea Clinton snubbed them, and besides, the Republicans are in charge now.

    Last year the NYT ran an almost identical article about Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (the architect of Obamacare) describing how perfect in every way he was, and ended by saying (and thinking it was being complimentary) that the doctor never let himself make even the slightest mistake in his life, because any transient mistake would mean that he was a total failure who hadn’t lived up to his obligations to mankind. (I’m not making this up — I’m sure that article is still online somewhere.)

    These articles should be filed under “farcical humor,” not “high society.”


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