Beginning of Life

Klara is grappling with the issue of the beginning of human life.

“When grandpa was born,” I tell her, “he was a tiny little baby, and his mommy and daddy. . .”

“And where was I?” she asks suspiciously.

“You weren’t born yet.”

“I was born! I was born, mommy! I was there when grandpa was a baby. He was so cute! And I was his mommy. And he was my mommy!”

“And who was I, then?” I ask.

“You were the aunt,” she explains without skipping a beat.

(I already explained that before she was born, she was a very tiny baby in my tummy until she was ready to come out, and that went over great.)


11 thoughts on “Beginning of Life”

  1. “Klara is grappling with the issue of the beginning of human life”

    It could be worse, she could have started talking about her childhood in Cork…

    (a riddle, answer tomorrow or so. anyone who can answer ahead of time wins my admiration and a big pile of nothin’)


  2. Later on in life she’ll be in her 20s or 30s, maybe listening to songs from the 1970s and 1980s or so, and casually commenting on how she “learned about this one retroactively, as I didn’t even exist yet when it came out”.


  3. Haha, yes. It takes a long time for them to get this. Even my five-year old was insisting the other day that my sister is my mother’s mom. He’s begun to grapple with the other end of life lately too – he’s currently terrified of dying and being buried in the ground šŸ˜¦ I told him he didn’t have to be buried and that seemed to help a lot. Fortunately he didn’t ask about the alternative to being buried.


    1. I had to explain death to Klara when we found a dead worm and she asked why it wasn’t moving. A little later, she asked N where his daddy was and we said grandpa was dead. “Dead!” she exclaimed happily. “Like the worm!”


      1. Yes, Tom has been interested in death in an intellectual way for a long time (he was particularly fascinated by a dead bird we found in the park one day when he was about 3…) but only very recently became scared about it. It’s all very age-appropriate (he’s 5, and this fear apparently usually appears between 4 and 8) but it still makes sad for him.


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