While it is true that at one time there were no documents required for international travel — no passports, visas, etc. — we do not live in that world any longer. What proof is that older world of anything? We also used to torture cats for amusement and burn witches. Using the past as a guide will often only guide you into a crevasse.

Yeah. . . I listened to a very crazy discussion on TV last night between two pastors who debated whether Jesus was an immigrant and whether the Bible approved open borders.

And it’s so insane because yes, the Bible was written many centuries before the invention of the nation-state and the attendant concepts of citizenship, national anthem, immigration, visas, the welfare state, and the national soccer teams. It’s not a huge insight. It’s like saying that Jesus never used dry cleaning services or never watched TV. Well, duh. This is not an interesting discussion to have. It’s unbelievable that adult, intelligent people would say, “Well, Jesus was never asked for a visa on his travels.” Jesus also wasn’t asked to show a driver’s license when he was stopped while riding his donkey. So fucking what? Let’s denounce driver’s licenses?

It’s especially cute when people post these inane observations about “undocumented Jesus” on Facebook. Because I’m sure Jesus had a thriving FB account, right? No? Then how dare you have one?


5 thoughts on “Retrovisor”

    1. “welcoming the stranger, helping the afflicted, as ideals in Christianity ”
      So…. open borders then?
      Also, I’m not a christian and I’m sure most of the “Jesus was undocumented” people aren’t either in any real sense.
      And what’s welcoming or helping about making people trekk through mexico?
      If helping and welcoming is the goal we should be conducting regular airlifts out of every country in turmoil.
      States simply cannot adopt the same kind of ethos as individuals…


      1. “Render unto Caesar what’s Caesar’s.” Christians is about salvation of individual souls through individual charity. It leaves state structures very much alone.

        But aside from that, taking apart the welfare state will be a blow to the principle of collective kindness on the state level.


  1. …at one time there were no documents required for international travel — no passports, visas, etc. — we do not live in that world any longer.

    When was this? If I remember correctly, in Chaucer’s time a document was required to travel from one part of England to another. Pilgrimages to Canterbury were made more difficult thereby.

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