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And you can do this for other fairy tales. Cinderella is about sexual compatibility being stronger than anything else (the foot has to enter the shoe, which is the imagery of a sex act, perfectly.) Hansel and Gretel are about the devouring motherhood. Etc.

But it only works with traditional folk tales.

5 thoughts on “More Tales”

  1. Slightly off-topic, but most Americans have no idea how gory the original German version of Cinderella is!

    In the Grimm Brothers version, the first evil stepsister knows that her foot is too big for the slipper, so she chops off her toes with an axe. The shoe then fits, so the handsome-but-stupid prince puts the stepsister on his horse, and they start riding toward the castle. While en route, the prince glances backward and sees a trail of blood leading from the horse back to the house, so he returns the faux Cinderella.

    The second evil stepsister knows that the prince will check her toes, so she chops off her HEEL. Again, the shoe fits, and they ride off together toward the castle. Alas, the prince again glances backward, and…

    Finally, he checks the real Cinderella’s toes AND heel before having her put on the slipper, and they live happily ever after.

    Somehow, Walt Disney left those plot details out of his famous 1950 cartoon.


      1. The evil stepsisters are also blinded during the wedding reception at the end of the fairy tale, when crows fly down and peck out their eyes. Is this a sexual reference as well??


  2. The Grimm fairy tales aren’t pure traditional folk tales, though that is the basis for many of them. Some of their stories have been shown to be retellings of previously published French stories and the Grimms continued to edit and refine their tales after the first edition was published. If I am remembering it all correctly, there were nine editions produced while the Grimms were still alive and over the course of the editions they removed quite a bit of sexual innuendo and increased the blood and gore.


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