Nothing Serious Left to Do

People are very, very crazy. It’s good to know that all the serious problems have been solved and we can now bugger around with this kind of stuff.

Lie to Me Once

Once again, Trump did everything Ukraine would like him to do and everything that Russia doesn’t want him to do. As of now, this has happened in 100% of situation concerning Ukraine and Russia.

I don’t like to be treated like a fool. If you want to rile me up with years of drumming on the “Trump and Russia” drum, you have to provide some proof at some point. Or I’m not listening to you again. I’m not going back to any news outlet that isn’t recognizing that Trump has been completely pro-Ukrainian so far.

Energy Insight

Getting several things done that have been hanging over me for months and migrating from one to-do list to another gives an enormous burst of energy. That happens because all these nagging little tasks devour mental energy and make one feel exhausted even though one might not be doing much.

It takes more energy to postpone than to just do it already.

NYTimes: School Made Headlines for Sending Black Kids to Elite Colleges. Here’s the Reality.

This story illustrates Shelby Steele’s argument in a particularly poignant way. Children are being exploited by crooks, media, indifferent parents, and elite colleges that seek legitimacy by treating them like objects.