NYTimes: Europe’s Jew Hatred, and Ours

A very good article on anti-Semitism.

4 thoughts on “NYTimes: Europe’s Jew Hatred, and Ours”

  1. About the general situation in France:


    (From another post from the above blog) News from today:

    // Riot police have deployed water cannon, tear gas, and stun grenades against protesters on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France, as the “Yellow Jackets” stage their third major rally against President Emmanuel Macron’s “green” tax hikes on fuel.

    Over 80 people have already been arrested over Saturday morning, according to Sky News, with the authorities complaining of around 1,500 “agitators” among the protesters.

    “There’s a lot of incitement on social media and we are expecting excess and violence,” remarked David Michaux, of the UNSA Police union.


  2. As for Bari Weiss’s article, I liked it but it revealed nothing new to me. For readers who cannot access it, the writer talked about 3 kinds of antisemitism:

    // The Israeli writer Yossi Klein Halevi put it elegantly: “What anti-Semitism does is turn the Jews — the Jew — into the symbol of whatever a given civilization defines as its most loathsome qualities.” When you look through this dark lens, you can understand how, under Communism, the Jews were the capitalists. How under Nazism, the Jews were the race contaminators. And how for Mr. Corbyn and his ilk on the left, Israel, the Jew among the nations, is the last bastion of white, racist colonialism.

    European Jews must now contend with this three-headed dragon: Physical fear of violent assault, often by young Muslim men, which leads many Jews to hide evidence of their religious identity. Moral fear of ideological vilification, mainly by the far left, which causes at least some Jews to downplay their sympathies for Israel. And political fear of resurgent fascism, which can cause some cognitive dissonance since at least some of Europe’s neo-fascists profess sympathy for Israel while expressing open hostility to Muslims.

    Now these three strains of hate are beginning to show up on this side of the Atlantic.

    The biggest threat is on the far right.


  3. I became interested in the new book:

    // In her forthcoming book, “Anti-Semitism: Here and Now,” the scholar Deborah Lipstadt discusses a 2013 study of overtly anti-Semitic letters, emails and faxes received over the previous decade by the Israeli embassy in Berlin and the Central Council of Jews in Germany. The study found that 60 percent of the messages “came from educated, middle-class Germans, including lawyers, scholars, doctors, priests, professors, and university and secondary school students.” Even more remarkable, most of the letter writers provided their names and addresses.


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