Tucker Moore

I hate Tucker Carlson. My jaw begins to hurt every time I see him. God, what an ass.

So of course I decided to check out his new book. And it turned out to be bizarrely identical to the stuff Michael Moore wrote in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I was a great fan of Moore’s and know his writing of that era by heart. It’s all, nobody gives a crap about the working class, inequality in the US is shameless, corporations are evil, the minimum wage is a pittance, there is endless exploitation, proletarians of the world unite against the oppressors. In short, the kind of stuff I dig.

I thought you could only find this on the left because the right is supposed to be all pro-big business and “it’s all your fault if you are a minimum-wage loser.” Take the very talented Kevin Williamson. The fellow literally drips with contempt for the poor. (I obviously like him because of the quality of his writing and not because of this contempt or his other unendearing qualities).

So of course I was kind of thrown off when I saw that Carlson was channeling the Michael Moore of 20 years ago. He even lionizes Ralph Nader, Moore’s favorite person in the world.

Carlson is obviously aware of the paradox. The way he explains it is that liberals (progressives, lefties, whatever, God, I’m so tired of these spurious differences that allow people avoid responsibility) have abandoned the working class. Nobody is for the workers any more. So conservatives have to be because if nobody is for the workers, this will lead to scary excesses of anti-democratic populism. Which is what Zygmunt Bauman always said.

I only read the part that Amazon offers as a free preview and I don’t know if I’ll read the rest. But even stylistically it sounds like he’s trying to parody Moore. It’s fascinating. And not even remotely what I expected. It’s especially funny if you imagine the guy’s pompous, nasal voice reading the book aloud.

10 thoughts on “Tucker Moore”

  1. ” I was kind of thrown off when I saw that Carlson was channeling the Michael Moore ”

    political realignment makes strange bedfellows…
    I barely know who Carlson is (and from his picture… don’t want to find out more) but what I’ve heard is that he’s been reorienting away from traditional republicanism toward populism.


  2. It’s especially funny if you imagine the guy’s pompous, nasal voice reading the book aloud.
    You don’t need to imagine it; isn’t there an audio sample on his Amazon book page?


  3. wow, so you are actually for globalism of the “proletarians of the world, unite” variety, just not the corporations-run variety? Or were you sarcastic?


  4. I read a good review of the book that I’m now unable to find. The essence of the review is that Tucker Carlson fully embraces many of the things we talk about on this blog, but then weaves in rather distasteful right wing ideas as well. The danger is that because liberals are not tackling these important issues, we’ve left a vacuum for people like Tucker Carlson to fill.


    1. That’s exactly it. The way to fight against what Trump has to say about globalization is not to pretend that globalization is amazing. But to provide our own strong criticism of it. Instead, people take the position that if Trump hates it, I have to love it or pretend it isn’t real. Both positions are ridiculous.


  5. I love Tucker! He’s so funny when he tries to be serious and ask provocative questions. About a month ago, Don Lemon did a really funny impression of Tucker’s serious face at the start of his show.

    And to be serious for a moment, he occasionally has a segment entitled “Campus Craziness”, which is really funny, although I often wonder if he’s misrepresenting the stories and leaving out some important details in order to promote his own anti-left biases.

    Now Sean Hannity I can’t stand at all. He’s a whiner with a loud, obnoxious voice that really turns me off. I can’t even watch him for “fun.”


    1. I hate Sharon Bream. Not for any ideological reason but because the moment she starts to bleat in her little voice I conk out and completely miss what’s happening. It’s so sad.

      But what are the options? Rachel Meadow has gone completely nuts. And the new season of The Profit hasn’t started yet.


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