Unexpected Quotes

Another quote from Tucker Carlson book, and I can’t believe I’m writing these words:

An earlier generation of liberals would have recognized how awful all this is. Feudal lords took more responsibility for their serfs than Uber does for its drivers. Yet Uber executives weren’t ashamed. They didn’t need to be. They sold exploitation as opportunity, and virtually nobody called them on it.

That’s exactly how liquid capital works. Blatant exploitation is sold as opportunity and people feel grateful and exhilarated because they belong to something big and important.

This is like an adaptation of McGuigan’s Cool Capitalism for non-academic circles. I could have never ever ever guessed that a Fox News host could write this kind of stuff. The world is a lot more varied than I imagined.

Another quote:

The marriage of market capitalism to progressive social values may be the most destructive combination in American economic history. Someone needs to protect workers from the terrifying power of market forces, which tend to accelerate change to intolerable levels and crush the weak. . . Left and right now agree that a corporation’s only real responsibility is to its shareholders. Companies can openly mistreat their employees (or “contractors”), but for the price of installing transgender bathrooms they buy a pass.

Is there anybody here who disagrees with this?

I’m only 15% in, so maybe nastiness will still happen later on in the book. But right now I’m feeling exactly like Tucker Carlson felt earlier this week when he was interviewing an old-school Marxist and found nothing to disagree about (which is when I decided to check out the book.)


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Quotes”

  1. “never ever ever guessed that a Fox News host could write this kind of stuff”

    Well… of course he didn’t write it, some ghostwriter did, but presumably he read and approved the contents (or some aide of his did).
    But… realignment, some kind of return to the New Deal era is clearly what voters want but the leadership of both parties are determined to not give it to them.


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