The 2018 Tree

Finally, the tree is up and I feel the holiday cheer.

I don’t know why everybody is so into Fraser fir. It has very little to offer in terms of a woodsy smell and it’s way too prickly. We prefer the Scotch pine that you can see in the photo. Since nobody wants it, this whole huge thing only costs $23. A Fraser in this size is $69. I’m not a scrooge but there are other things to pay for at Christmas.


9 thoughts on “The 2018 Tree”

  1. Very pretty tree! Mine is a Norway spruce but I haven’t brought it indoors yet. It’s been growing in a half-barrel tub for 10 years and is happier left outdoors until the last minute. Also I was brought up to only decorate on Christmas eve and remove all decorations on twelfth night, so it still feels kind of wrong to start on 1 December! I guess this is a Protestant thing.
    Strictly speaking yours is a Scots Pine, not a Scotch pine. Latin name is Pinus Sylvestris. The word Scotch only refers to the whisky which is made in Scotland, or to that culinary delicacy the Scotch egg.. There are no Scotch people, they are Scots or Scottish.
    I love Scots pines, they do smell wonderful.


    1. I only had Scotch egg once, on a flight, and it was amazing.

      And maybe Scotch people are the ones who drink Scotch. I used to be one of them many years ago. :-)))


    2. “There are no Scotch people”

      I think that’s a British thing, in American its okay to refer to people as Scotch.
      Not to be confused with “Scots-Irish” (aka “Scotch-Irish), a term that I don’t think is used in the British Isles.


  2. Yes, I get Scotch pines, too. There’s nothing like a green Douglas fir but I’m also really attached to seeing them in their habitat, and I’m not made of money


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