Streaming Suggestions

Is The Americans a good show? Should we watch it? We recently finished both seasons of The Ozarks, and N loved it. I didn’t dig it that much but I’ll watch anything if he’s really into it because I’m doing a lot of damage on Candy Crush.

We prefer shows that have ended recently so that we can watch the whole thing start to end.

13 thoughts on “Streaming Suggestions”

  1. I loved The Americans, but some seasons were better than others. It seems like the even-numbered seasons were the best ones.

    Keep in mind that it won’t be realistic, and you might not like it, but I liked it because it tried to humanize our enemies and show them as patriots who face human dilemmas.


  2. I found Pustina (eng title Wasteland) to be pretty great. It’s not pretty and it’s very rough (with drug addiction, violence and the murder of a teenager) but worthwhile. It has some of the best film portrayals of the generation gap and grief that I’ve seen. Don’t know if it’s available in the US.

    In less weighty terms, at present I’m enjoying Imposters (middle of first season so far). I identify with the rootless grifters’ lifestyle (not the grifting but I do have experience of the nomadic ‘do your job and move onto the next town’ thing).


  3. I watch a lot of comedy/dramedy and sci-fi, not sure if that’s your taste. In case it is, here’s the stuff I’ve recently liked on Netflix:
    Maniac (1 season)
    Hart of Dixie (4 seasons, done, loved loved loved it)
    Drop Dead Diva (6 seasons, done; I’m in the middle of watching in)
    Crazy Ex Girlfriend (3 seasons on Netflix, the 4th and final currently airing)
    Grace and Frankie (ongoing)
    Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt (ongoing)
    Wanderlust (1 season; it’s British, no idea if there will be more seasons)


      1. To each their own! If I’m being honest, I choose Netflix shows for their escapist or entertainment value 99% of the time. Outside of Netflix, I watch a lot of dramas.

        I think you might like British shows on Netflix: Call the Midwife, Wanderlust (family drama), Broadchurch (crime).


  4. Happy Valley. Not super recent, but great, great tv. Or, for something lighter, Scott and Bailey. And watch the Québécois great Série noire!


  5. I really want you to watch it because I’m curious about how you’ll react to it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, once I uncritically accepted the conceit that two parents working nights and weekends as secret double agents could raise two kids without someone calling DYFS on them.


    1. If parents are Russian-speakers, the best they can do is stay away from their kids as much as possible. :-)))

      We will start watching it right after we get through the second season of Making a Murderer. I’m very curious.


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