In Hiding

I’m totally with Mike on keeping the blog readership artificially low. He turned off comments, and I will probably go completely under the password soon.

People keep accusing me of saying what I do to attract “hits.” It’s like they fell asleep back in 2010 and never woke up to notice that social media are used today to beat down and punish anybody who is not an aggressive cheerleader for the establishment. I dread having new readers. I managed to get rid of all the eager dumbazoids and I don’t want to risk attracting new ones. I don’t want to reach out or disseminate knowledge any more. All I want is to sit here quietly in my tiny corner of the internet sounding off my ideas on people who are willing to hear something mildly new and different.

I would have to be mentally unsound to want to attract attention. Excuse me, but I like having a job and not being a social pariah. Folks, look around. Even Tumblr has been eviscerated for clearly political reasons. Saying the words “freedom of speech” gets you denounced as a member of the KKK. What kind of an idiot wants more hits unless all they do is actively and relentlessly fellate the ideologues in power?

13 thoughts on “In Hiding”

  1. Well, I hope you don’t turn off comments — they’re a BIG appeal on your blog! It won’t be nearly as much fun without them.

    If you put all of your posts under password, your WordPress program won’t list the names of your commenters in the “RECENT COMMENTS” section of your web page, so your readers won’t be able to tell at a glance who’s made a remark that’s worth looking at or responding to.


  2. Back in the aughts, one of my FB acquaintances had a blog on Blogspot. When her neighbors started giving her issues, she locked that blog with a password. Her platform only let her add a set number of people with the password.

    I don’t know how WordPress works.

    She did not have a problem finding a job or keeping a job as a result of her blog activities, btw. I can name two other people who I know who have not had problems as a result of their blogs.


    1. She did not have a problem finding a job or keeping a job as a result of her blog activities, btw. I can name two other people who I know who have not had problems as a result of their blogs.

      On that front I think things have shifted massively for the worse over the last ~5 years.

      I don’t have a blog or a facebook or twitter account; my online presence (outside of my work-related web site) consists entirely of being a pseudonymous commenter. That wasn’t planned, but I definitely plan on keeping things this way.


      1. And good for you. I wish I could just shut up already but I can’t resist the temptation to run my big Jew mouth at every opportunity. I wish I could make gefilte fish as well as I can blab. As we say, Jews love licking honey off the blade of a knife.


    2. I haven’t suffered yet either. But that’s because nobody has thought of dropping a link to the resident commissar.

      The worst thing is that it’s retroactive. One might have said something ten years ago that was perfectly normal then but is total heresy now. For instance, I vaguely remember possibly writing something a decade ago to the effect that a uterus is what makes a woman a woman. Back then it was obvious to the point of boredom. But today one would be better off confessing to being a pedophile. Who could have guessed.


  3. Please don’t go completely password-protected! I’m just some rando who doesn’t have the password, but I like reading your blog.


  4. “I’m Nobody! Who are you?
    Are you – Nobody – too?
    Then there’s a pair of us!
    Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know!

    How dreary – to be – Somebody!
    How public – like a Frog –
    To tell one’s name – the livelong June –
    To an admiring Bog!”

    Only the Bog turns ravenous on the edge of a dime.


  5. I really hope not to lose access to all your posts. Have been reading for the last few years and really value your insights and argumentation on academic, as well as parental, matters. Please keep readers like me in mind when you go undercover! And thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


  6. If you go into hiding, can you simply make all past posts ‘Protected’ and hidden instead of deleting them as you have already started doing?

    I love rereading certain old posts, mainly book reviews and such, but some have sadle been deleted.


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