Too Smart

“Did you like the dessert at the restaurant today?” I asked Klara on the drive back home from our family celebration of the last day of class.

“No, mommy,” she said. “It was bad dessert. We should have some good dessert when we get home.”

That kid is just too smart for her old momma.


5 thoughts on “Too Smart”

  1. β€œIt was bad dessert.”
    Did she emphasize that with a stricken, guilt-inducing look that said “how could you subject me to such horror?!” If she hasn’t yet, she soon will. Brace yourself.


  2. “Bad dessert.”
    She’s either wheedling for more dessert or she’s picky already. :-p
    What was N’s opinion of the dessert (since you said he had the family sweet tooth?)


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