Like Nazis

It bugs me to see Central American refugees compared to Jews during the Holocaust. I mean, who are the Nazis that Central American migrants are fleeing in this analogy? Other Central Americans? That’s a weird thing to suggest given that Central Americans are often not-white. It’s kind of strange to compare non-white people to Hitler.

Also, there is a lot of bad stuff going on in Central America. The gangs are horrible. But the gangs aren’t sending millions to gas chambers for the purpose of racial cleansing. I do believe that there is an abyss between racially-based extermination of millions and pretty much everything else. There are many very bad things in the world. But racial or ethnic genocide is bad in its own category of badness.

I’m also not sure that “you guys are like the Nazi Germany” is an idea that would appeal to the migrants themselves. They don’t necessarily despise their countries at all. Many are actually proud of their origins. If you see footage of migrant caravans, you’ll notice that the migrants often march with flags of their own countries. Actually, pretty much every single immigrant I’ve ever met will be very unhappy if you say shitty things about the country of origin. Yes, even me.

Yes, I left. But it doesn’t mean that the Ukrainians who stayed behind are Nazis. Even the corrupt oligarchs who make the country unlivable and whom I abhor are not Nazis. I’d be very bothered if somebody called them that.

I understand people say these things with good intentions. But it’s not like these emotional appeals change anybody’s mind or achieve any real purpose. What this kind of analogy does do is cheapen the idea of Nazism.

I just saw somebody on FB claim that this is racist because it “links a person of color to dog-eating:”

And it’s the same thing. If everything is racist, then racism doesn’t exist.

9 thoughts on “Like Nazis”

  1. The difference between the deaths in the Holocaust and the deaths in Latin America may be less than an order of magnitude. The Latin American killers are less efficient; they’ve taken longer to build up the numbers. For example the death toll in Mexico from the Cartels reportedly exceeds 250,000, and no one know the exact numbers. There are bodies in the desert that will be found by archeologists in future centuries, if at all. And that’s just one country.

    A number of countries boast death squads — military or paramilitary teams that catch and kill targeted civilians, and in the case of university students, sometimes busloads of them at a time. Those are directly comparable to the Einsatzgruppen sent to murder Jews. The death tolls in those countries are unknown. However, “The Guardian” ran a headline on El Salvador in 2015 — “One Murder Every Hour.” El Salvador only has a population of 6.4 million. As a percentage of the population, this is on a similar scale to that the Nazis did. Kill 1% of the population per year, and eventually everyone in a country will be terrified.

    Death squads in Nicaragua reactivated earlier this year. In the past, the US CIA funded the death squads. It’s not clear if we have a role in them now, or if we are just ignoring them.

    However, I’m totally bored with writers making comparisons to the Nazis. The death toll doesn’t have to hit 6 million for something to be an atrocity. Frankly, I think a lot of folks have become numb to the butchery and don’t think about it from the victim’s perspective.

    Does the caravan represent legitimate asylum seekers. Probably many of them are, for very good reasons. Others maybe not so much. For all I know, Putin or Xi may have provided some funding or organization just to embarrass the US. If so, he was quite successful — our trading partners in Central and South America are queued up to buy products from China instead of from the US. US exports have been tanking this year, and we’ve seen increases in inventories that portend a recession here in the near future.


    1. \ A number of countries boast death squads — military or paramilitary teams that catch and kill targeted civilians, and in the case of university students, sometimes busloads of them at a time.

      Why are university students targeted? Where?

      In general, do Americans know something about Latin American countries, the differences between them, US role and so on? In Israel I do not remember hearing the words “Latin America” at school, but may be in US it’s different because of geographical closeness.

      Initially, I liked Trump’s comeback since it is so true. Now I see why it’s potentially problematic even though dog-eating is currently associated with China rather than with people of color in general.


      1. “dog-eating is currently associated with China rather than with people of color in general”
        Also Korea and Vietnam.
        I’ve heard of dogs being eaten in non-crisis situations in some parts of Switzerland and the former Yugoslavia (not sure what country now).
        Dogs aren’t eaten Poland but in some regions (toward the southeast) there is a folk belief that rendered dog fat has medicinal qualities especially for the lungs. The process is now illegal but every four or five years someone gets arrested for it.


      2. The comment has to do with the fact that wherever socialism comes, starvation begins. In Ukraine, which as you know is completely white, there were two massive waves of starvation when people ate cats and dogs. Then they ate grass. And they ate each other. My grandfather was a survivor of this horror. Fuck anybody who says it’s racist to mention it.

        Later on, socialist starvation came to China, to Cuba, and now to Venezuela. Socialist starvation is a great equalizer. People of all races are reduced to killing pets and eating them because socialist policies deny them food.

        But look at the nifty little trick here. Suddenly, the millions of people of all races who were starved to death by socialism and who are being starved right now are not the real victims. Suddenly, the real victim is a fell-fed Instagram star who will be getting a truly enormous salary of $170,000 in order to inflict her aggressive, unrepentant idiocy on us.

        And to answer your first question, no people don’t know about Latin America. They are so ignorant they don’t know that Trump is referring to Venezuela where at this very moment people are starving. This massive dick of a woman literally shits on their heads with her idiotic comments but that’s not racist. What is racist is to notice that they are starving.

        It’s also not in the least racist to respond with dreamy “But in Sweeeeeden. . .” whenever the starvation that Venezuelans are experiencing today is mentioned.

        It’s unbelievable to me how utterly brain-washed people are. There are great people in the Democratic party, working hard to achieve real good. And everybody is fixated on this utter embarrassment of a person, a mega-ditz without an ounce of brain matter.


    1. It’s cool, I guess, that Russia’s border is so far away because these series of crises were created by Soviets then Russians now and Americans together.

      Putin gave another tranche of aid to Maduro two days ago to help him m stay in power and starve more Venezuelans. Let’s not forget about that.


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