#Feedly Update Is Horrible

I have no idea why every single good thing that exists online is destroyed beyond recognition within a couple of years. It’s a mystery that I haven’t been able to solve.

For several years, I’ve used Feedly as my news aggregator. And everything was fine. Then yesterday, they updated the app, and it’s horrible. It lost all functionality. You can’t access links without visiting each individual website. Everything jumps around ridiculously. The fonts stink. Everything you want to do takes five steps where it used to take one. And the worst part: there is no search function. That’s it, it’s gone.

This is unbelievable crap. I use this app a dozen times a day. And now it’s unusable. I hate this.

Fuck you, #feedly. I’m putting a hashtag in hopes that the company’s PR department notices this on Twitter.


13 thoughts on “#Feedly Update Is Horrible”

  1. Companies attempt to eliminate any features that “confuse” their users, not realizing that some users are likely to be confused by any feature that exists. They also do shoddy data analysis that shows few people use a feature (usually one they’ve already hidden because the developers don’t like it), and then “prove” it’s not used (because it’s hidden) as an excuse to get rid of it. Mozilla has done this trick for years with Firefox.

    Design needs a re-design, as it’s not serving the users any longer.


  2. I stopped using feedly too when it started malfunctioning for me. Moved to Newsify, which is still working well for me. Suerte!


  3. I also use Feedly. The new version of the app is ok on my tablet, but it’s really bad on my phone. I think there is also a real design issue with not testing changes on a variety of devices.

    I still miss Google Reader, it was a really simple and worked perfectly and Google just shut it down.


  4. “I have no idea why every single good thing that exists online is destroyed beyond recognition within a couple of years”
    Just as the ascension of liquid capital means the weakening of the concept of nation state, it also means the weakening of any forum for people to discuss ideas rather than engage in the most stupid, empty consumerism and/or attention-whoring possible (or get lost in inane echo chambers).
    Capital hates thought.


  5. Hi Clarissa, yes, we have noticed and we’re bringing back to first mentioned issue to open articles on website. Plus Power Search is available (only in Feedly Pro), so not sure what you mean by search not present.


    1. It’s a paid for search. Before, anybody could do a search and it was free. It’s quite strange to make the important features paid for just as the app’s general functionality collapsed.



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