NYTimes: Terms and Conditions for Telling Me About Your Day

I don’t know if it’s supposed to be funny but to me it’s kind of scary. The worst part is that people think it’s OK to present this infantile, pouty persona to the world because everybody is supposed to find it super cute.

I can very much imagine an 8-year-old girl writing such a memorandum to her Daddy. But an adult woman and her husband. . . that’s icky.


4 thoughts on “NYTimes: Terms and Conditions for Telling Me About Your Day”

  1. I thought it was pretty funny. The office supplies fixation (apparently required by the kids’ school) are a faithful representation of the type of over-the-top requirement made by schools often at the eleventh hour, leading to frazzled parents (usually moms).


  2. It’s definitely meant to be funny, but I also found most of it slightly off-putting. Sure, I can’t always talk immediately when my husband sets foot in the door – because of all the dinner/child issues – but he is not so dumb that he can’t recognize that himself. But I love hearing about what’s happened in his day if I can get him to tell me once the kids are fed or in bed 🙂 I could relate to number 8, though. I have lots of things that are timed to take 24 minutes!


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