OK, so I’m over the death of stupid Feedly. I have uploaded a new app created by some Russian fellow (they’ve got to know how to write code, at least, right?).

I’m using this as an opportunity to dump all of the feeds I’m tired of (all 1,348 of them. No, really. That’s the actual number) and only add the ones I like. I’m currently left with Mike, Z, Prosedoctor, Cliff, Kenan Malik, Ars Technica, and American Conservative. But I just started 3 minutes ago.

P.S. And !!


2 thoughts on “RSS”

  1. Is your RSS private or may be see it somehow too? I have never had RSS or Feeders, so am unsure how they work.

    In any case, I wanted to ask you give your loyal readers present for the New Year by sharing the good, free and still functioning blogs / websites you still follow, in addition to the ones mentioned in your post here. It is very hard to find a good blog alone. 🙂


  2. May be, there could be a new blog post inviting all readers to share their favorites or/and to share their favorite books in addition to the post asking for most hated books.


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