Aimless Googling

I’m so bored by the second season of Making a Murderer that I Googled the Central Park jogger story, mostly because of the Trump angle. My mind is officially blown. I saw something like this on Law & Order but I didn’t know the details.


3 thoughts on “Aimless Googling”

  1. The authors of the original Law & Order 1990’s episodes didn’t have to strain their brains much to come up with plots. They simply “ripped them from the headlines” of then-recent decades:

    Two adult brothers murder their sleeping parents and claim self-defense.

    Kidnapped heiress brainwashed by her captors refuses to plead guilty for joining in their crimes.

    Young female jogger is murdered in Central Park, and her Congressman-lover is accused.

    A mild-mannered civilian shoots two young black men on the subway after they become threatening and demand money.

    A teen-aged black girl claims to have been raped by white politicians.

    A beaten, drug-addicted wife is tried for murder when she allows her abusive PhD-educated husband to kill her toddler daughter.

    Watching Law & Order reruns is like watching the old History Channel, before its producers discovered that its viewers weren’t nearly as interested in history as they were about amazing discoveries of UFOs and Bigfoot and mermaids. (The only real history now shown on that channel are episodes about Hitler and Nazi Germany, which seem to do well in the ratings.)


    1. That’s why I say that the show is obligatory watching for immigrants. It lets you catch up like nothing else. I remember when at Yale a history professor started the course by mentioning culture wars and OJ Simpson and I felt like a total idiot because I had no idea what he was talking about. (Obviously, I’m not blaming the professor. He was amazing).


      1. The only real history now shown on that channel are episodes about Hitler and Nazi Germany

        That at least is true to their roots. Back in the early 00s we used to call it The Hitler Channel, because they seemed to show nothing but WWII documentaries 24/7.

        Regarding OJ: looking back on it now it’s just bizarre what a collective nationwide event the OJ trial was. You could be standing in the checkout line at the grocery store and, without even trying, get into a conversation with a complete stranger about that day’s testimony and the prosecution/defense team’s strategy & etc.


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