I’m not used to working a lot. I’m not sure that I like it. It’s weird. But that’s the price of doing no work for three weeks around Christmas / New Year’s.


7 thoughts on “Working”

    1. What I honestly can’t comprehend is why professors use pronouns to refer to students in class. I can’t think of a situation where it would even happen. I refer to students by name. “As Jessica said. . . Ben, would you like to add anything?”, Etc. Saying instead “as she pointed out” sounds weird. And kind of rude. Like I can’t remember a student’s name. I very honestly don’t get it.

      Of course, this doesn’t concern me at all because we don’t use personal pronouns in Spanish. It’s a grammar mistake. But I still wonder what makes people think this is an issue.


      1. ” why professors use pronouns to refer to students in class”

        99% it’s not about that, it’s about giving up your own judgement in favor of what your ideological betters decide
        and your ideological superiors have decided (this week) that there is an infinite number of gender pronouns in English and your job is to keep track of them

        Still, I’ve noticed a big gap in most of the choices….


      2. I suppose the idea is to proactively acknowledge gender identities. Most professors might not actually use these pronouns in every day parlance but asking students to introduce themselves with their names and preferred pronouns is a way of creating a safe space for gender non-confirming persons.


        1. In other words, it’s nothing but virtue-signaling. Of course, this kind of virtue-signaling is very exclusionary towards everybody who doesn’t have an immense economic, educational and cultural capital. Plus, it’s punitive towards immigrants. But that of course is the whole point.


          1. “it’s punitive towards immigrants”

            Progressives would never advocate limiting immigration – which is why they make sure there are as many roadblocks to them becoming successful as possible (also see multicultural policies meant to impede assimilation necessary for success)


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