The Dreyfus Test

There is this Russian society-page journalist (a former journalist, actually, because she has been banned from everywhere including FB for being anti-Putin) who said that she can’t feel close to anybody who is indifferent to the Dreyfus Affair. It’s OK not to know about it but once you do and you aren’t overcome with outrage over the injustice done to Dreyfus, then she can’t be around you.

I feel like that, too, but not about Dreyfus (although I do agree that he was mistreated horribly) because it was a long time ago. I wish it were the Dreyfus Affair for me because that’s a conversation that’s easy to avoid.


3 thoughts on “The Dreyfus Test”

      1. Don’t you post occasionally about somebody you’ve talked to who has defended Putin’s stance against the Ukrainian fascists?? I don’t think my aging memory is that bad yet…


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