The First GF Experiment

My George Foreman grill has arrived? I finally made my own burger.

It’s a bunless cheeseburger with grilled mushrooms.

Super easy to use and burgers have a great sear. Thank you, reader Dreidel, for bugging me about it incessantly until I bought it. Let’s see what N has to say. He adores mushrooms.


9 thoughts on “The First GF Experiment”

  1. Looks delicious! Is that a whole tomato on top?

    I have a couple of questions: Did you thaw the frozen burger before putting it on the grill?
    Did you pre-heat the grill?
    How long did it take to cook the burger on your G.F. model?


      1. Being lazy, I do it the easier way: I just place the frozen burger on the cold grill and cook it for 9 minutes. The results are exactly the same.

        If you don’t want to have to clean the grill plates after cooking, line the grill with an aluminum foil pouch and put the burger in the pouch, so the grease never touches the grill surfaces. Then just toss the pouch after cooking, and all you have to do is empty the drip pan.


        1. I have really nice grilling pouches. But doesn’t using them prevent the sear? I’m loving the sear.

          And it’s great to know I don’t have to defrost. I hate defrosting.


        2. However, solid meat cuts (beef steaks or pork cops) should be thawed first to avoid excessive searing; again, pre-heating makes no difference in the outcome.


          1. I don’t know what specific grilling pouches you have. I just use plain aluminum foil folded back over the top of the meat, and it doesn’t seem to make ANY difference in the amount of searing. If the meat is properly cooked, it doesn’t stick to the aluminum foil at all.

            If you like significant searing on steaks and chops (I don’t), you can also cook them from frozen.

            You can also grill bone-in meat cuts nicely in the G.F., provided that the bone is no thicker than the meat. If the bone is too tall, the top grill plate won’t make even contact with the meat and the meat will be unevenly cooked.


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