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Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has backed a so-called Green New Deal, aimed at creating a new green industry that she says will guarantee every American a job. Her pitch is full of the usual naff pastiche: ‘This is going to be the New Deal, the Great Society, the Moon shot, the civil-rights movement of our generation.’ The US green left is making some huge promises. Ocasio-Cortez says this proposal, to make 100 per cent of US electricity renewable and phase out fossil fuels, will also eliminate structural inequalities, racism and social injustices of all kinds.

All that is missing is “And world peace!” delivered in a breathy voice of an earnest beauty pageant contester.

It’s fun entertainment with a cute performer releasing fun memes all the time. But it’s an absolute mystery how anybody can take this seriously and believe there is anything remotely political about any of this.

Let’s not blame this particular entertainment starlet, however. There is nothing remotely political about anything. Trump was elected, he is clearly incompetent, clearly knows nothing about anything, clearly is an ugly-looking equivalent of AOC. . . and so what? Nothing. The country is chugging along just fine. Because he’s not very relevant. The political field itself is not very relevant because governments govern nation-states. Which capital no longer finds very relevant. We could elect a giant pistachio ice-cream scone, and it would all chug along pretty much the same.

The political class still will exist, however, because it’s feeding many people (not just politicians themselves, obviously, but a huge press apparatus that pretends politicians are relevant, an enormous bureaucracy, etc). It can’t give us much in material terms but it can give us something we value so much more: an opportunity to repost and get likes!

And world peace, of course.

22 thoughts on “Not Very Relevant”

  1. Another step towards automatization:

    Don’t Forget to Tip the Delivery Bot
    The aim of rolling robots is to make local delivery faster, smarter and more cost-efficient. They are also far less creepy than their airborne drone cousins, writes researcher Dov Greenbaum

    While we might be ok with copier-size wheeled vehicles weaving in and out of pedestrian traffic, the same cannot be necessarily said for the four-legged dog-size devices proposed by San Francisco-based robotics company Unsupervised AI. Although the design might be technologically advanced and able to overcome obstacles that might hinder the wheeled versions, they are objectively scary looking. The scariness factor also hasn’t stopped Savioke, a Silicon Valley-based startup, from successfully placing Dalek-like robots in various hotels around the world. Perhaps they are banking on triggering only the rare Whovian, with everyone else simply oblivious to their insidious-looking design.,7340,L-3751689,00.html


  2. Here is a development I am glad of, enabling people both to eat meat and not torture animals in the process. In a few years, all of us will be ethical vegetarians 🙂 and it is also good for environment.

    // Israeli lab beef company Aleph Farms has unveiled a minute steak grown from single cells—the world’s first, according to the company

    Lab-grown meat is considered a sustainable alternative as it requires significantly less land, water, and feed than traditional beef farming, and the meat is produced without the need for antibiotics. Moreover, it is produced without harming animals. Lab meat companies have been widely quoted as saying they can scale up production enough to offer their product at price parity with traditional meat within a few short years.,7340,L-3752027,00.html


    1. I just read a sad FB thread where pediatricians have to treat very sick kids whose idiot parents include them in their vegetarian diet.

      As for the lab grown meat, I assure you that no wealthy person would touch this crap. It will be for the proles who will eat it together with plastic vegetables and GMO everything and who will produce brain-damaged children as a result. But nobody will mind because some feel-good narrative will be attached to it.


      1. The funny thing is that the folks who create all these narratives about “sustainability” and whatever wouldn’t be caught dead not only around a fake steak or a plastic tomato but also on a commercial air flight.


        1. I wanted to ask whether middle class is composed of the proles or also includes wealthy people who would not “touch this crap,” but then you mentioned having a private plane, so I guess middle class is also composed of the proles.


      2. Are you against GMO in general? If yes, have you read research showing this food produces “brain-damaged children”? Putting children on (badly planned) vegetarian diets is a different matter altogether. Aren’t GMOs a necessary step for humanity, capable of bringing significant benefits? For instance, I saw:

        // an analysis of 76 studies published in February in Scientific Reports by researchers in Pisa, Italy, found that genetically engineered corn has a significantly higher yield than non-genetically modified varieties and contains lower amounts of toxins commonly produced by fungi.

        By engineering resistance to insect damage, farmers have been able to use fewer pesticides while increasing yields, which enhances safety for farmers and the environment

        Nonetheless, gene modification scientists are focusing increasingly on building health benefits into widely used foods. In addition to pink pineapples containing the tomato-based antioxidant lycopene, tomatoes are being engineered to contain the antioxidant-rich purple pigment from blueberries.

        And people in developing countries faced with famine and malnutrition are likely to benefit from attempts to improve the protein content of food crops, as well as the amount of vitamins and minerals they provide.


        1. Yes, Facebook is good because it “keeps you connected” and cigarettes are great because they keep you slim and, hence, healthy.

          I heard the advertisement pitches. The in no way change the fact that the people who make all the money on smartphones, cigarettes, opioids and fake meat wouldn’t let their children come near this crap.


  3. On another topic, I was pleased to see this post promoted in Russian livejournal today (when one looks at friends’ entries, the post appears there too):

    Что с нами не так?

    У одного из самых богатых мужчин планеты — Марка Цукерберга — откровенно некрасивая жена.

    Очевидно мне и другое: у меня, увы, как и у многих из вас, рождённых в «совке», — менталитет жителя страны третьего мира.

    На самом деле, всё с ним так. Он полюбил. Полюбил личность, а не половой орган. И это — прекрасно.

    Меня волнует другое, этот нищебродский менталитет, в принципе, можно извести окончательно, или он, подобно хроническому заболеванию, будет жить в наших организмах всегда?

    Вы слышите в себе отголоски этого позорного менталитета? В чём он проявляется?


    1. Zuckerberg is old news. The real mystery is why Marcus Lemonis married an old lady. It’s not like being gay were still considered shameful. And hey, how Russian is it to marry old ladies to conceal that you are gay?


        1. // As for Zuckerberg, putting his name in the same sentence with the word “love” sounds quite bizarre.


          Btw, Russian commentors were all talking about his bad looks, but I think he looks handsome … Definitely better than most men I see around me.


      1. The real mystery is why Marcus Lemonis married an old lady. It’s not like being gay were still considered shameful. And hey, how Russian is it to marry old ladies to conceal that you are gay?
        It was pretty quiet by reality tv standards, which is sort of pointless if you are marrying to have a beard. I track the show and this is news to me. I dunno maybe he has mommy issues?


          1. I must have missed that show. I saw the NYC Bagel Deli show which had an obviously manufactured conflict (to me).

            I read the Zuckerberg livejournal post and if the Google translate version is anything like the original…? I was not prepared. LMAO. I’m guessing the writer was trying to be nice and this is standard?
            I don’t know why anyone snarks on her. At least she looks human. Zuckerberg looks, sounds and acts like a weird android trying to be human who just falls into the uncanny valley. Remember that Oculus VR video tour of Puerto Rico?


            1. These are Russian-speakers. It’s incomprehensible from the outside. In our countries, somebody as rich as Zuckerberg would be marrying an extremely beautiful woman and keeping a harem of even more extremely beautiful and young women on the side. It’s like if you saw a billionaire driving a 10-year-old Honda. People just don’t get it.

              But I agree with you that aside from the money, he’s lucky he got anybody. The wife definitely looks better to me.


              1. // It’s incomprehensible from the outside. In our countries, somebody as rich as Zuckerberg would be marrying an extremely beautiful woman and keeping a harem of even more extremely beautiful and young women on the side.

                Well, Trump seems to use a similar life strategy, so it cannot be that incomprehensible to Americans. 🙂

                Of course, it’s more widespread in some cultures than in others, but surely some rich men are like that everywhere.

                From what I read, Americans have similar stereotypes (being with models and prostitution flourishing in the vicinity of sport events) regarding professional and college football players; the term “fratboy” also has certain associations attached to it.

                // The wife definitely looks better to me.

                To me it is the opposite.

                // I think they are both hideous, vicious evildoers. The guy is a total sociopath.

                What has the wife done except marrying him? Why is she an evildoer?

                Also, I know you do not like Zuckerberg, but what has he done except selling virtual toys people were eager to buy? The logic of capitalism itself drives one to exploit others as much as possible. If people sell themselves for free on FB, is it his fault?

                Also, after he donated heaps of money after the birth of his daughter, I do not believe he wants to do whatever will make him rich while understanding he does seriously immoral things. Why a sociopath and not a sheltered in some ways computer geek?


              2. FB is an aggressive political actor. They police dissidents on behalf of certain regimes. He doesn’t sell his app. The app is free. The products he sells are the people who download and use the app. Since we are his product, he feels entitled to tweak us to make us into more useful goods. He already had to testify before Congress about his unauthorized use of information. This shit is fairly new so nobody fully understands how it works (the Congress is full of oldsters who don’t know an app from an elbow) so he hasn’t been taken to account for the evil things he does.


              3. It’s like if you saw a billionaire driving a 10-year-old Honda. People just don’t get it.

                I was a house guest in the home of a billionaire once, about 1962. He looked scruffy and drove a ten year old, Volkswagen Beetle. I suspect he had no need of status symbols.

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  4. For David Bellamy — my mother’s childhood friend married a very rich man, who could and did buy anything he wanted. With a few exceptions, most of these things weren’t expensive. It was interesting to observe someone with zero financial concerns, sort of like watching someone in zero gravity.


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