Where am I?

Turns out other women in the area don’t have a problem getting their husbands a Christmas gift. Because they are getting a gun, a new scope for a gun, or a million other gewgaws for the blasted gun.

5 thoughts on “Where am I?”

  1. If you’ve got someone who wants motorcycle parts, that’s good as well. Or scuba diving equipment.

    When I was a child, Christmas was when my parents would buy each other things they actually needed, like clothes or tools. Or even luxury items that they wanted to use kind of regularly, like perfume. Or a wallet. Nowadays all those things seem to be bought throughout the year as a matter of course, and you have to get something really big or really useless at Christmas.

    The other strategy of my family, and of course this had to do with having fairly modest means and customs, was just to give token presents, fun little things, and not expect wow-type gifts. That’s something I’ve noticed a lot abroad, too. It was my British ex who had the idea of huge presents at Christmas, cameras and things like that, it seemed like a lot of effort and pressure to me.


  2. After years of getting worthless gifts (tie clips, cuff links, etc.) from various relatives scattered over the country, I finally got them all trained to send me what I really wanted every Christmas: FOOD! (It wasn’t that hard — I just kept sending them food packages no matter what they sent me, and they eventually got the idea.)

    They’re mostly all dead now. The few young ones back east know that if they don’t remember to send me food every Christmas, I’ll make my cat the main beneficiary in my will.


  3. “Christmas gift. Because they are getting a gun”
    Guns sound more southern than midwestern to me, but you’re in a transitional kind of area, I guess.
    Does N have a pickup truck? If he doesn’t have a gun, he might like having a pickup truck… then you could just get him something for his pickup truck and problem solved!
    If he doesn’t have a pickup truck… then…. well.


  4. Tell you what:
    Estimate how much a gun would normally cost, then just give me that amount in cash instead.
    I could always use any amount of extra money.
    But, make sure you give it to me in cash, as I don’t want Social Security getting wind of any kind of extra dough that may find its way into my wallet, as they have a bad habit of incrementally subtracting select amounts from subsequent checks I receive upon finding out about “generous donations” made to me by any individuals. Not to mention the way they’re liable to take me to task for being so clandestine about such transactions.
    I’m very “old-school”. I prefer to keep some things one-on-one.
    And, yes, Virginia—I am a prole. I admit it.


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