Christmas Prophecy

At my favorite Christmas event “Brunch with Santa” that features really great oysters and shrimp (oysters and shrimp have nothing to do with this story. I simply like mentioning them), a very old gentleman approached me right after we sat down.

“You have between 8 to 10 good years left with her,” he said pointing at Klara. “Enjoy them now because once they are over. . . It’s really bad! Kids are cute at this age but give it a few more years and. . . Ugh!!”

I don’t have a fun punch line to the story because I really porked out on those oysters. We are invited to a dinner party tonight, and I have no idea how we are going to go because we can’t look at food any more.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Prophecy”

  1. It makes me angry if people say this. Teenagers are people too, they are all different and it is really mean to generalize like this. To dislike teenagers as group is a sign of a really bad attitude towards life. Iā€˜m sure Klara will be a lot of fun as a teenager for you and her teachers. šŸ˜Š


    1. I have a great compassion for teenagers. It’s a very hard thing to go through a major hormonal transformation. But the grandpa was way too old to remember what that was like.


      1. I’ll never forget (nor forgive nature for) my bout with acne and pimples.
        But that was about 46, 47 years ago.
        Actually I’ve forgotten all about those numerous times over the years. What REALLY still bothers me about that period in my life was my social awkwardness, my moody (often abusive parents), and the prejudices I had to endure from a lot of xenophobic peers (alleged).


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