Resistance Is Futile

What I like about Wendy Brown’s books is that all she says is easily provable. Years after she wrote her stuff, examples abound of everything she predicted coming true. Democracy is an empty word because voters can’t decide anything that doesn’t serve the needs of global capital. Look at Brexit. People voted for a tiny little bit of resistance to liquid capital. And what? Nobody cares. National governments are both impotent and unwilling to make it happen. People who voted on the issue have been labeled what nobody wants to get labeled and then some, ridiculed, and dismissed.

And it’s one example after another. In any area of human life, resistance to fluidity is severely castigated. Vote, don’t vote, what’s going to happen is what helps capital flit about faster. Just think about it. Here in the US, starting with Reagan (because that’s when the neoliberal revolution began), which administration did anything to put even a tiny crimp in the movement of global capital?

We don’t have a political force that supports neoliberalism and a political force that opposes it. Instead, we have a political force that supports it and a political force that refuses to acknowledge it exists.

2 thoughts on “Resistance Is Futile”

  1. Yanis Varoufakis (former Greek minister of finance after a failed electoral uprising) recalls that during the Eurogroup ‘negotiations’ a German politician (Schauble) looked at a representative of Spain and said “Elections cannot be allowed to change economic policy” which is as pure a manifesto as I’ve seen.


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