The Nature of Journalism


One thought on “The Nature of Journalism”

  1. After two days, nobody’s commented on these two photos, so I’ll take a shot:

    You’re making a comment about how the difference in the angle from which a photograph is taken (or a journalist writes a story), can make all the difference in the world about public opinion, right?

    Like which side appears to be is in the right when tear gas bombs land near toddlers foolishly brought by their mothers to the U.S. border alongside rock-throwing thugs, or when Palestinian children are cynically used as human shields by Hamas butchers eager to demonize IDF forces who are legally defending their county’s boundaries against violent anarchists?

    Or am I generalizing too much?? Since the two photographs are obviously from the “yellow vests” protests in France, perhaps you’re only showing how clever camera angle can make a small problem look huge. (Same principle at play.)


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