Never think of yourself as a bad parent again while there are people like these.

4 thoughts on “Abcde”

  1. Many countries (Germany, Sweden, Italy, Japan, China, New Zealand, to name a few) have strict baby naming laws that prevent parents from giving their children inappropriate names that would be embarrassing or offensive, or otherwise contrary to the interest of the child. Some countries have an approved list of gender-appropriate names that the parents have to choose from.

    Baby naming laws in America are at the state level, and are extremely lax and based on practicality (limiting the number of characters so the name will fit on official documents and IDs, for ex.)

    So idiots like the musician Frank Zappa was free to name his daughter Moon Unit Zappa and his son Dweezil Zappa, and actress Susan Saint James could name her daughter Sunshine and her son Harmony (and had stated in advance that she would give her first two children these names regardless of their gender).

    I’m not in favor of “Big Brother” laws micro-managing the naming of American kids, but parents who saddle their children with ridiculous names are totally irresponsible and should be ashamed of themselves.


  2. “Abcde”

    This reminds me that when I was 15 or sixteen years old, I thought it would be wonderful to name a son Igor Thaddeus Percival Bellamy. This was not “out of the blue.” Igor was from Igor Youskevitch, since; our family doctor was named Thaddeus Romulus Bowers; and Percival was from Percival Lowell. I greatly admired all three of these men, and I loved the cross-cultural sound of this name. Some will say, no doubt, that they are glad that I have only daughters.


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