Last Link Encyclopedia of 2018

A beautiful post about Christmas. Why, why can’t I write as beautifully as this blogger?

For contrast, take a look at this incredibly stupid post about Venezuela. I don’t mind ignorance as much as I do the aggressive need to pontificate on things you don’t care about and refuse to learn.

[Spanish] The best 50 books of 2018. The best thing about year’s end are book lists. I love book lists.

[Russian] Russians showed off the new state-of-the-art robot they invented. The robot turned out to be a human person in a robot costume pretending to be a robot in order to conceal the country’s technological backwardness. And these are the people who supposedly rigged our elections with their massive technological expertise.

A great Christmas present for the progressives in your life.

Inducing ADHD.

Oscar Wilde’s #MeToo trial.

A great long article on Solzhenitsyn by the magnificent Stephen Kotkin.

3 thoughts on “Last Link Encyclopedia of 2018”

  1. I think that I would have spotted the Russian robot as a fake even if I didn’t know about it. The movements were way too natural (springy looseness when you expect a single movement to be broken down into many micro-movements).
    I’ve seen (and rewatched) enough of those Boston robot films and have an idea of what robot movement currently looks like and that ain’t it.
    Does the Russian public like being lied to? Do they realize? Do they care?


    1. One in 4 Russian families doesn’t have indoor toilet. One in five doesn’t have running water. It’s that bad. I also had stats on how much of the country is not connected by anything but dirt roads but I can’t find it right now. But it’s scary. You can fool them into anything. It’s a lot more mystifying how Americans can be so easily fooled into the “Russia is a major technological giant” narrative.


  2. “A great Christmas present for progressives”:

    I wonder if the candle-maker is aware that Mueller could sue her for unauthorized appropriation of his likeness for commercial gain?


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