“Klarochka, when we come back from Montreal…”

“No, Mommy! We can’t come back from Montreal! Mimi [her 9-year-old cousin] needs to play with me. A lot!”

“But Klarochka…”
Klara, in a tragic voice of a provincial actress, “No, Mommy! Mimi needs me! She needs me!!!”

She is such a smart kid. Of course, it’s not about her wanting to play with the cousin. No, she’s all about looking out for Mimi’s interests purely out of the goodness of her heart, and mommy is trying to squash her altruistic principles.

She’s going to be a lot of fun once she hits teenage years.

4 thoughts on “Smart”

  1. A comment on Smart

    I learned very early that an argument carries more weight if it is framed as based upon altruism, rather than self-interest. People always discounted as unimportant self-interest base arguments, but considered other arguments based on the actual content of the reasoning. It helped if I sometimes argued against my own self interest, which convinced people that I was committed to careful reasoning, no matter where the reasoning led. Perhaps this is why I became a mathematician. Using detached precise thinking became a way of life.


  2. “once she hits teenage years’

    “Mom! It’s not about me, okay? People at school look up to me and it will just crush them if I’m not wearing cute shoes! I don’t even like them that much! But I have a duty to brighten other people’s day! It inspires them! If you don’t but these right now there are people who will fail their SAT’s and never get into college!”


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