Schooled into Fluidity

This is only a tiny little preview of what will happen to anybody who dares to disapprove of or even just not cheer fluidity loudly enough.

Any questioning of fluidity will be criminalized. It’s actually very easy to do and we are being schooled into accepting it on a daily basis.

Mini Golf

We took the kids to a kid birthday party today that was at a mini-golf venue. The kids had fun but what was really weird was that there were groups of 30+-year-olds playing mini golf there.

I don’t get it at all. If you are single, this is the last place you’d meet anybody, so why would one want to go. If you are not single, then you’ve got to be soft in the head to pay a sitter while you waste the few hours of free time on mini golf.

I’m a late bloomer like most people who went to grad school to avoid starting a family but indoor mini golf is something I would never consider doing once I hit the age of 20.

Long Overdue

And half of the US troops in Afghanistan are being withdrawn! I’m very glad.

Can’t wait to see all the uber-peaceniks switch gears and start arguing how crucial it is for the US to keep fighting endless wars in Syria and Afghanistan just because Trump says the opposite.

Trump should totally make a passionate speech in defense of abortion rights to mess with these folks.

NYTimes: A Supreme Court Divided. On the Right.

Contrary to all the hysterical warnings about how Kavanaugh was going to kill abortion rights, he’s doing the exact opposite. Because it was never about how he was going to vote or what impact he was going to have on the Supreme Court “for generations to come.” It was about creating a precedent for keeping you and me scared in the newly fluid workplace.

Unlike our jobs, abortion is completely safe since it moved from surgical to medicated. Nobody can stand up to drug companies. Nobody. People who wave around coat hangers in the context of abortion are manipulating gullible fools while picking their pockets.

More on Wendy Brown’s Walled States, Waning Sovereignty

There is no political order or rule of law without an enclosure. A political entity needs to have boundaries. This is why all discussions of “global citizenship or democracy without borders” are silly claptrap. There can be no polity and no political subjects without borders. All that can exist in a borderless world is alienated, constantly competing individuals who vary in their degree of adaptation to fluidity.

From the beginning, the idea behind sovereignty was that the political sphere could be constituted in such a way that it didn’t have to be ruled by the demands of the economy. This might be a fantasy, but it’s an important fantasy because it shows us what our aspirational goal could be. Once the nation-state is ditched in favor of “borderless society,” we leave aside that fantasy and accept that economy is all there is.

Brown doesn’t doubt that the nation-state is over. Hence, she has no use for any attempts to shore it up. This must make her work frustrating to those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to it. On the other hand, she isn’t a cheerleader for globalization either, so those are are into inane transnationalism won’t find much of interest in her work either.