Mini Golf

We took the kids to a kid birthday party today that was at a mini-golf venue. The kids had fun but what was really weird was that there were groups of 30+-year-olds playing mini golf there.

I don’t get it at all. If you are single, this is the last place you’d meet anybody, so why would one want to go. If you are not single, then you’ve got to be soft in the head to pay a sitter while you waste the few hours of free time on mini golf.

I’m a late bloomer like most people who went to grad school to avoid starting a family but indoor mini golf is something I would never consider doing once I hit the age of 20.

7 thoughts on “Mini Golf”

  1. It’s supposed to be a wholesome and relatively cheap activity for adults. I’d always opt for bowling over mini-golf, but maybe that’s just me.

    Btw, I am informed that nobody who is single meets anyone IRL any more, it’s all through dating apps now. After days of texting you can meet up to go…mini-golfing!


    1. Bowling is different. It’s rowdy, it’s physically active, it’s engaged. But in mini golf you are forced to stare under your feet in the dark. It’s ridiculous. You couldn’t even see anybody’s face, it was so dark.


      1. I’d rather mini-golf than bowl. It’s a better mindless activity to have as a background to conversation with people you don’t know very well– bowling has too many interruptions. Also, bowling is really loud. I’d rather not do either, but I can see ways that an activity like these would be preferable to an office party where everyone just stands around awkwardly wondering how much they can get away with drinking and trying not to eat too many cookies.


  2. Maybe they did it because it’s fun and low key. But then again, I’m not into any kind of golf.

    The one “date” I had on a mini golf course was neither fun nor low key, but it was rather funny in retrospect.


  3. I never played mini-golf until I was after 30 and then only played a couple of times (at night at an outdoor venue next to the gulf of mexico….)
    It was fun enough but not something I’ve ever felt like searching out… (or having the itch to play so bad I’d go indoors).


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