We are withdrawing from Syria?? Great news and long overdue. What else am I missing on my travels? Please share updates.


9 thoughts on “News”

  1. This is a TERRIBLE idea — one of Trump’s worst decisions to date, if he actually follows through on it.

    U.S. troops are involved around Syria for multiple important reasons: To keep ISIS beaten down, so it can’t rebuild as a major insurgency group; to keep Assad from slaughtering our Kurdish allies along the Syrian-Turkish border; to keep Iran from a major military build-up in Syria that will directly threaten Israel and the Middle-East in general; and as a check on Putin’s use of the Russian Air Force to attack anti-Assad, pro-American forces.

    Trump is throwing away America’s ability to have any real geo-political influence in the Middle East, and handing a great victory to Putin and Iran.

    I realize that your main concern is Ukraine — but the Middle East is VERY important to American interests.


    1. Putin doesn’t want the US to withdraw from Syria. He wants the exact opposite. Why would he want to sit there all alone like a dumbass without the US being there?

      And those “pro-American forces in Syria,” come on, nobody is that naive. That’s a total invention to justify our constant wasting of resources on being there for no good reason.


      1. “And those “pro-American forces in Syria,” come on, nobody is that naive.”

        They’re “pro-American” to the extent they are actively opposing Assad, ISIS, and Iran.

        As for “good reasons” for the U.S. to be involved, read the second paragraph of my first comment. They’re all valid.


        1. Do you get a feeling that the American voters want the country to waste even more resources in that region when the only tangible result is one after another wave of immigrants coming towards Europe?

          And why on Earth would we want anybody to oppose Assad? Assad is keeping the country together. Without him, it’s Yemen #2. How is that a good thing?

          Unfortunately, I don’t believe Trump will really withdraw. It’s all empty talk. He won’t withdraw, he won’t build a wall, he won’t do anything.


          1. “why on Earth would we want anybody to oppose Assad? Assad is keeping the country together.”

            Assad is keeping his country together by barrel-bombing civilian areas and deliberately targeting hospitals that care for wounded civilians and wounded anti-Assad rebels, and — when he thinks he can get away with it — using chemical weapons.

            He would have been out of power six years ago if Obama had taken the few bits of good advice that Hillary and John Kerry gave him, and used American air power to permanently ground Assad’s air force. He would be gone now if Putin withdrew Russian support. (Putin won’t.)

            At this point six years later, Assad’s ability to slaughter his people needs to be constrained as much as possible. With America out of the picture, Russia and Iran won’t have any inclination to constrain him at all.

            ISIS is also as big a problem as Assad, and if we pull out, it will definitely regrow into a major insurgency group — and we’ll have to go back in.

            So I hope you’re right, and that Trump is just mouthing off.


            1. “Assad’s ability to slaughter his people needs to be constrained”

              Why should he have all the fun, the US army wants in! seriously, mass slaughter became inevtiable in Syria when they quadrupled their population in 50 or so years.


            2. The problem is that trying to protect the people Assad is slaughtering will only lead to them hating us with a vengeance. It happened so many times. The entire history of the US involvement not only in the Middle East but in Latin America shows that nobody wants us saving them. People only grow resentful when we try to butt in. I say, let’s go home and let people elsewhere carry on as they want. We have our own problems to take care of.


  2. Keeping troops in Syria does not serve a single legitimate interest of the US. Iran has a piss poor army and a population that hates the government. Syria would just be their Afghanistan/Vietnam…
    The Islamic State is terrible, but again…. not the US’s problem.
    US intervention in the middle east has yet to bring a single tangible good result for anyone beyond military contractors. It’s terrible for most US citizens. Stop it.


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