What’s the Reason?

Why is life in some countries great while in others it’s crappy? Take Russia. Streets are covered in shit, roads are non-existent, domestic violence is through the roof, corruption is ridiculous, women are being raped and killed all over the place, and a quarter of all households doesn’t have access to indoor toilets. Why is it so bad?

And please don’t think I’m picking on Russia. Take any other example. Haiti, Uruguay, Belarus, Azeibarjan, Eritrea, whatever. There are obvious differences of degree but shit piled up in the streets, corruption, violence and horrific treatment of women are all the same. The reason why I used Russia is to avoid the inane and lazy first-grader response that it’s all colonialism or racism that’s causing this.

What is it, though? I’m sure everybody has their answer but I’m curious what it is.

Putin’s Emotions

A brief glance at my newsfeed made it clear that rhapsodizing about Putin’s emotional states is currently in vogue. Somebody went as far as gushing over “a happy glimmer in Putin’s eye.”

Since the topic is trending, I want to share this image that actually does matter to Putin:

People who can’t identify this image should not be opining about Putin at all. There are many interesting topics to discuss. If you are so obviously not into this one, then go discuss something else.