More Dweebery

Just one more link of a very unhinged fellow slobbering all over Mad Dog Mattis. First these facile fools discovered that Comey is an epic hero. Now they are waxing romantic over Mattis. It’s unbelievably dumb.

It Doesn’t Matter

I couldn’t have said this any better:

It doesn’t matter at all why Trump is exiting Syria and ending our forever wars. That he is doing it — or at least attempting it — is what matters. He will be resisted at every turn and might not succeed; however, even if he’s doing it because he wants to buy a whole retinue of furry costumes and yiff with Jared on the White House lawn, he’d still be a better president than Obama as long as he does this and starts no new wars.

I’m sorry to keep harping on this, but for me the US withdrawal from Syria is an occasion for enormous joy, and I don’t get people who are sour-pussing or yes-butting this development. I’m physiologically unsuited to tribalism, so I can’t see it as a loss just because it’s done by a politician I didn’t vote for. I’ve been in a festive mood over this for days.