Double Standard

Obama is a Russian spy! Where is the investigation? Where are outraged rantings by Rachel Meadow? Where is the special prosecutor?

What is it that the Trump administration has done that comes anywhere near this kind of thing?


2 thoughts on “Double Standard”

  1. Thanks for the link. American agencies eagerly cooperating with Russian spies while backstabbing each other reads like a dystopian thriller. Have never thought a long article about bureaucracy would be that interesting and unintentionally humorous. For instance, still cannot believe somebody would say this sentence:

    // “Unfortunately, Rosfin does prefer throwaway gmail accounts as their preferred method to communicate,” a FinCEN intelligence official responded.

    As for this:

    // “If you are a Russian government entity and you are communicating with Americans, you have an FSB officer sitting right next to you and that officer is probably sending the email.”

    May be, Americans need similar arrangements too?

    Also, my first reaction was “evil Russians who cannot cooperate like normal people,” but if Americans are that unconcerned about state security, how careful would Russians be without FSB presence? In Putin’s place, I would use FSB too.


    1. I’m 100% sure that it’s an even bigger mess in Russia. If you follow the story of the two spies who poisoned the Russian guy and his daughter in Solsberry, it reads like a new installment of Shurik comedies.


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