Unwanted Success

I’ve had two sips of a cocktail and couldn’t squeeze in any more even though it would be nice to get soused. There is a huge bottle of really good rum, which used to be my tipple of choice but I’m indifferent.

Darn psychoanalysis.

Multicultural Gifts

My sister gave me a box of gifts from all of the countries she visited in the last 15 minutes. Saudí Arabia, México, Italy, France, and Trinidad. And Quebec because she lives here.

And I gave my brother-in-law a robot vacuum cleaner that emerges when you are away, vacuums, and hides.

Merry Christmas!

I’ve never experienced a real North American Christmas before, and OMG, all the gifts. I’m drowning in the gifts. I don’t begrudge Klara gifts but I have no idea how I’ll transport them back home. And we haven’t even started unwrapping the ones I got.

The gifts are great, by the way. There are just too many.

Customer Categorization

You folks know that I sell stuff on FB and Craigslist, right? I discover all kinds of things about human nature in the process.

The best group to sell to are working class men (obviously white, like 100% of my buyers). It’s all easy, respectful, no nonsense. They know exactly what they want and don’t mess around. I have sold pretty expensive stuff to this kind of customer (the most recent thing was welder gear, for instance), and it’s always been very pleasant.

Men are a lot easier to sell to than women. They make decisions easier and don’t ask bisillions of questions over each $15 item.

The worst group to sell to are pet owners. I’m discontinuing all sales of pet supplies because these folks are nuts. They get pissy after you respond “yes, it’s available” to a query about an item’s availability. What can possibly rile them up in such a response is a mystery. They flake out and get angry out of absolutely nowhere.

2018 Was The Year When I…

. . . first read Horacio Castellanos Moya and still can’t get over it

. . . started to work out at a group fitness and loved it

. . . started watching Fox News

. . . was invited to speak in Germany

. . . had gallbladder surgery

. . . discovered that I would really love to mentor graduate students

. . . traveled more than usual

. . . had a fantastic reading year filled with authors I never imagined reading

. . . created an essay prize

. . . discovered that I really enjoy running a scholarly organization

I only put the things that really surprised me here and not the obvious like “wrote articles, submitted articles, taught courses, made dinner.”

How would you finish the sentence?