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A great article about the withdrawal from Syria. Very refreshing to see somebody who is not in the grip of the reigning Putinomania.

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  1. “The American Conservative” magazine should rename itself “The American Isolationist.” It regularly publishes articles that could have been written a hundred years ago, back in 1918 when WWI had ended, and America was retreating into its shell that helped lead directly into the the most destructive war in history a mere 21 years later.

    Forget about Putin. Trump’s pullout from the Middle East is a disastrous retreat of American leadership, one that will lead to a slaughter of our Kurdish allies (hey, not our problem, right?), vastly increased Israeli military reaction to Iranian attempts to take over Syria and Lebanon and perhaps a direct war between Israel and Iran, and a resurgence of the not-defeated ISIS insurgency that will ultimately require American forces to return and start fighting them again from scratch.

    Happy New Year 2019!


      1. What’s the difference between “American leadership” and “eternal unwinnable war?”

        An excellent question that I’ve labeled a psychopath several times already for answering on this website:

        Proper humane wars don’t last forever. They’re ended quickly with a massive display of military superiority that ENDS the war as quickly a possible, killing so many of the enemy forces and its strategic assets that further combat by those enemy forces is impossible.

        We accomplished this goal in WWII by blasting both German and Japanese infrastructure into rubble, including ultimately ending the war in the Pacific at least a year earlier than expected using nuclear weapons. Such action is the humane course because it decisively ends the conflict in a single generation.

        Israel could end it’s “endless” war with Hamas by carpet-bombing Gaza into rubble,
        (and perhaps Iran’s Hezbollah proxy in Lebanon as well). This “heartless” — actually “humane” — strategic move would ultimately save many lives by destroying only one generation of Palestinian fools instead having to take on of all the up-and-coming generations being born and taught to take up their pathetic, doomed “resistance” cause forever.

        Trump once claimed that the would destroy ISIS quickly. So why doesn’t he simply do it? Blow their claimed territory into rumble, disregard civilian bystanders unfortunate enough to be caught up in their web, and then fill the void the American soldiers or reliable allies until a firmly pro-American permanent government can be established?

        You want to stop “eternal unwinnable wars”? This is only humane way to do it!


        1. “humane wars don’t last forever. They’re ended quickly with a massive display of military superiority that ENDS the war as quickly a possible, killing so many of the enemy forces ”
          Like Vietnam? Like Iraq and Afghanistan?
          The US is not capable of doing that unless it’s willing to accept massive civilian deaths (and the US public is not prepared to do that).
          So the best option is to keep our fat snouts out of it in the first place and give up dreams of America being the Global Police.
          Isolationism is badly needed when it comes to American foreign policy.


          1. And the worst part is that nobody is ever grateful for or happy about our meddling. People are only resentful and angry. Then we feel guilty that they are resentful and angry and hypercompensate with a slew of self-destructive and expensive policies.


    1. American “leadership” has already given us streams of migrants from Central America, MS-13 and other lovely results of the US messing about in Central America. What the benefits of all this leadership have been is known to nobody.

      And let’s not even start on the wonderful results of the US leadership in Iraq.

      Problem with leadership is that nobody wants to be led anywhere. People only grow resentful and start acts of terrorism against you if you try to lead them anywhere they don’t choose to be.


  2. It is behind the paywall, but the title is

    “Trump Unites the Left and Right, Against His Plans in Syria and Afghanistan.”

    Via Mike’s blog

    After reading your post and the article’s title, I want to ask whether Americans were as stupid as presented everywhere when they chose Trump. Would you prefer Hillary over Trump even if she started a new war, for instance, with Iran? Why?


    1. Americans are not stupid. It’s the coverage that’s stupid. I read maybe a dozen articles in the past week whose authors are genuinely stunned that Trump is insisting on the wall. Why, why would he do something this stupid, they ask. Somehow they haven’t noticed that this was his #1 electoral issue. That was why he was elected. The wall was reasons #1 to #1,000,000 why he was elected. Reason #1,000,001 was something else but the wall was everything before that. You can disagree about the need for the wall, although nobody has articulated why. But you can’t miss the fact that this is what the voters want. Yet everybody in the media is puzzled. So who’s the idiot here?


      1. I read the book on immigration by Ann Coulter. I hate Ann Coulter to the point where I can’t see her without gagging. She’s the anti-me of the century. Which is why I read the book. And it’s devastating. Even if it’s 90% lies – although the book has a bibliography that is larger than any academic volume I’ve read – it’s still crystal clear why voters want the wall. It’s not even important if it is all lies. The point is that this is what Trump’s voters believe. And nobody is even trying to address that.


      2. And I also want to add that the only reason I’m forced to read unsavory characters like Coulter is that there is no other source that would honestly discuss this. We’ve seen a bisillion pieces on why people voted for Trump that discuss anything but these concerns that voters have. It’s maddening.


        1. “no other source that would honestly discuss …. these concerns that voters have”

          Both party establishments are firmly agreed that elections cannot be allowed to affect technocratic elite-favoring policy (beyond trivial questions of degree and timing and which interchangeable widget elite is actually enacting the policy, which is why widget Obama didn’t change Bush policies and widget Hillary would be looking for reasons to do for Iran everything she did for Libya…)
          Beyond that, Republicans occasionally throw out meaningless sops to whites to rile them up and democrats throw out meaningless bones to everybody else (also to rile them up)


  3. Btw, I cannot celebrate Trump’s decision since it seems to be bad for my country. For instance, I see articles like:

    // How Trump betrayed the Kurds in Syria
    Opinion: President Trump’s announcement that he was to withdraw US troops from the war-torn country will most likely result not only in the genocide of the Kurdish population in the region by Erdogan’s jihadist proxies, but also in the Russian and Iranian takeover of the Middle East.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statement following a conversation with Trump, according to which he will destroy what’s left of IS (and the Kurds) in the war-torn country, is a mixture of intentions and lies. Of course he will destroy the Kurds, but the withdrawal of US troops from Syria actually helps IS to survive by escaping a Kurdish-American onslaught.

    Erdogan will not destroy IS; they are practically part of the Turkish military, trained and nurtured by Turkey’s leader. The IS fighters whom I questioned after they’d been captured by the Syrian Kurds testified that Turkish intelligence officers were preparing them for battle and supplying them weapons.

    Once the Kurdish forces are destroyed, the next step will be the ethnic cleansing that Assad and the Turks have been planning since the start of the civil war in Syria. Hafez al-Assad, the father of the current Syrian president, resettled the local Arab population in the Kurdish territories in order to weaken the native Kurds. Although some of the Arabs left the region when the Kurds built their independent state there, the Arab jihadists will return if Assad’s forces or Turkish military take over the area.



    1. It’s pretty bizarre that the US should dismantle its own nation-state to help Kurds build theirs. It’s also funny that the American champions of Kurdish (or Palestinian or Scottish or Catalan) nationalism are so hysterically opposed to US nationalism. They wish on others what they abhor in their own country. It’s so funny.


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