FB Glitch

Facebook used to give me nice, relevant ads for clothing, toys, home appliances, book clubs, and foodie stuff. Then something glitched and all of a sudden I’m getting tons of social-justicey crap in my ads. It’s deeply annoying. It’s like I’m in the feed of some weird person I don’t want to know.

An Unwanted Gift

I also got a gift from the same lady. It was the exact opposite gift, and I’m not happy I got it. But it can’t be undone, and now I’m doomed to being a pariah because I don’t know one single person who feels like I do and not like the weirdo at the link. Of course, the overwhelming majority of people who have heard of the case agree with me and not the linked weirdo. And those who haven’t heard of it would agree with me in enormous numbers. But I have no access to such people, unfortunately.

People Are Weird

I view people who are taking down their Christmas tree today with the deepest suspicion. Why would anyone want to make any effort at all today? What’s the problem with keeping the tree around and relaxing for a bit?

Of course, my tree isn’t going down until end of January because it’s fun and I love it.

Parallel Shopping

My sister is online shopping for children clothes on a British website while I’m online shopping for heirloom beans and Mexican herbs on Rancho Gordo (by the way, the best and freshest oregano in the country is theirs. Transforms any dish into a fragrant piece of paradise. And I don’t have any commercial relationship with the company. I’m just a customer).

We both make identical exclamations as we shop. “Look! Isn’t this a thing of beauty! And so cheap! I’m loving this!”


Spain can’t figure out what its sex crimes laws should be. The penalty for murder is 15 years, which means that the penalty for rape should be less because rapists just kill victims otherwise. But the public gets angry if the penalty for rape is not high enough, so the courts come up with aggravating factors.

One aggravating factor is rape of somebody you previously had a relationship with. This means that sex games within relationships can potentially receive a longer jail term than stranger rape. I don’t get it at all. It’s like when in the US being drunk while committing a crime is a mitigating factor and not the opposite like where I’m from.