An Unwanted Gift

I also got a gift from the same lady. It was the exact opposite gift, and I’m not happy I got it. But it can’t be undone, and now I’m doomed to being a pariah because I don’t know one single person who feels like I do and not like the weirdo at the link. Of course, the overwhelming majority of people who have heard of the case agree with me and not the linked weirdo. And those who haven’t heard of it would agree with me in enormous numbers. But I have no access to such people, unfortunately.

6 thoughts on “An Unwanted Gift”

  1. If they agree with you and you have no access to them, how do you know this? I just wanted you to be a little clearer 🙂 I agree with you about her. What struck me, and that no one seemed to mention, was her infantile voice. I know women are criticized about their voices all the time (shrill, etc…) but I really found her infantile voice annoying.


    1. Most of the people in the world weren’t born rich enough to identify with this lady. 🙂

      The voice, yes. But also the whole story. I experienced daily sexual harassment since the age of 11. And that’s nothing compared to what women experience in places like Latin America, Asia, Africa, etc. And it’s extremely unpleasant, let me tell you. But I’m in no way demolished, devastated, terrorized or rendered a sobbing mess decades later by it. If that’s how it worked, almost all women on the planet would be rendered utterly useless. And men even more so because men experience non-sexual physical violence all the time since childhood. Yet somehow humanity seems to function.


      1. This was a guest post by another blogger…who is a man. It seems really condescending to frame her testimony/emotional performance as some benefit or detriment or object lesson to a random man. Bully for you! The whole thing was nauseating.

        I resent anything which causes me to revisit the arrested development/regression of prep school teens or middle school children in the bodies of 50 year olds and 70 year olds enacting the world’s worst amateur dinner hour, for replay during the dinner hour.


    1. People see the comment sidebar, so don’t worry, everybody sees all comments no matter how long ago the posts appeared.

      I have a much less dramatic example of this phenomenon. Laura Ingraham, a conservative news host. I hated the broad. And then I read a Wikipedia entry about her. The woman is a feminist icon, actually. A breast cancer survivor! A never-married single mother of three! Adopted children! Whom she had to adopt because she’s a breast cancer survivor and couldn’t have her own. And yes, she’s rich but it’s still no picnic to raise three children on your own. And she’s only rich because she made a career in a very male-dominated field. She’s mouthy, loud, obnoxious, opinionated, and the opposite of mousy or timid. We should be celebrating her as the epitome of feminist vindication.

      Instead, we celebrate as a feminist icon a woman who puts on a convincing performance of female fragility and woundedness. (Or maybe she really is that fragile, which is worse.) People actually said she’s a role model for girls. This is what feminism is now about? Being a cowering mess but a useful one?


      1. ” This is what feminism is now about? Being a cowering mess”

        It’s the cowering messes who are used to convince everybody that no social progress has been made since approximately 1397 and so nonsense about micro-agressions can be taken seriously. If professional women can be reduced to whiny impotence by remembering being groped at a drunken teenage party then feminism is needed! If women can overcome their problems on their own….. oooh problematic!
        Think of your German conference, who’s in a better position to convince people that they need Shakesville and the like to advocate for them, you or the woman silenced by all the men for the entire conference?
        There used to be a cliche about social workers sabotaging efforts by their clients to become independent (if they’re not dependent messes the social worker could find themselves out of a job).


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