FB Glitch

Facebook used to give me nice, relevant ads for clothing, toys, home appliances, book clubs, and foodie stuff. Then something glitched and all of a sudden I’m getting tons of social-justicey crap in my ads. It’s deeply annoying. It’s like I’m in the feed of some weird person I don’t want to know.

One thought on “FB Glitch”

  1. Probit models (“Big Data”) provide a probability that you will be interested in specific topics based on other data they have on you. They know age, career, family composition, travel history and from that they are trying to predict what they think you will want to see. It’s the same reason that I get offers for casino junkets. (I have family in Vegas but haven’t been inside a casino in decades, but the AI routines can’t figure that out. They assume that anyone going to Vegas must be gambling. The scary part is that’s the same method they use to predict who should be on a terrorist watch list.)


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