People Are Weird

I view people who are taking down their Christmas tree today with the deepest suspicion. Why would anyone want to make any effort at all today? What’s the problem with keeping the tree around and relaxing for a bit?

Of course, my tree isn’t going down until end of January because it’s fun and I love it.


6 thoughts on “People Are Weird”

  1. There are so many different customs about Christmas trees. I knew someone years ago who always put her tree up on December 24 and took it down on December 31. She said it made it less special if it was up for more than a week.


      1. The Christmas tree staying up till February or April or so wasn’t because we thought it was fun…. It was more that getting family members to do things together was not… easy and no one wanted to do it by themselves.
        In addition we were all very good at looking at obvious problems and thinking “….I really should do something about that… yeah… maybe later”


  2. My mom’s allergic, so we would have it up for about two weeks, maybe three. It would come down when we felt like taking it down. This year we have an artificial tree, and none of us had time so I didn’t go up until Christmas Eve and probably won’t come down until well into January.

    I agree about the day after Christmas, though. I got lucky and a coworker took my Christmas shift, and I still needed today to recover. If I’d had to work that shift, today would have been an essential recovery day.


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