Reading Superstition

I have this weird superstition that if I don’t finish a year on a very good book, the new year will bring shitty reading. So I’m hoarding a bunch of promising books until the last days of the year to ensure I hit on something great as the year ends.


3 thoughts on “Reading Superstition”

  1. On new books, do you read French well enough to check out the out-to-be-released book by Houllebecq? I’ve read that it more or less prophesied the yellow vest movement (still going on and still being ignored by the media)….
    I’d love to check it out but my French is about non-existent…


    1. “to-be-released book by Houllebecq?”

      I think I saw that the Spanish translation is supposed to be released in January (the English translation is not scheduled until September for some reason….)


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