This just in from the future Democratic nominee for president:

In passing the Justice for Victims of Lynching Act, we have offered some long overdue justice and recognition to the victims of lynching crimes. But there’s still more work to do before this bill becomes law.

Thanks for helping us make history,


Kamala Harris, U.S. Senator

And it’s all like this. It’s either historic / symbolic / no connection to what anybody actually needs today or a variation on the “Medicare for all because everybody deserves free dental and vision coverage” idiocy. God forbid anybody should try to address anything that makes sense to any actual voters.


10 thoughts on “Hopeless”

  1. “or a variation on the ‘Medicare for all because everybody deserves free dental and vision coverage’ idiocy…it’s all like this.”

    Actually, it’s worse. Medicare doesn’t cover dental or vision expenses.

    BTW, why hasn’t WordPress automatically turned on the snowfall on your website this year like it always does in December?


      1. Oh, I know it doesn’t cover dental. Unfortunately, one of our most popular ejected Representatives doesn’t.
        Yes, when you’re popular they defenestrate you from the House Visitor Gallery. Or the Senate. :-p

        This isn’t the time for nuts and bolts or picayune proposals. Not when it’s going to get Overton Window’ed down to something smaller and not when Richard Overton, the last surviving veteran of World War II has passed.


  2. That’s how I feel about the Confederate flag and Confederate statues issue. Sure, I’m not a fan of the Confederacy or its monuments, but to turn this into a significant political issue is senseless because keeping them up or taking them down doesn’t make any material improvements in anyone’s life.


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