Kids Change

Children change very fast. I discovered today that I no longer need to bring a huge backpack with books, toys, snacks, crayons, and stickers to entertain Klara even on an 8-hour-long airplane trip. I don’t need to bring anything at all.

Back in summer, we couldn’t go even through a 2,5-hour flight without all these accoutrements, so I brought the huge backpack that weighs more than the load of my sins today. But it wasn’t needed. We spent the whole flight playing vegetables or treats (we take turns naming vegetables, and the person who runs out first loses). At other times, she played alone or sang songs while I read. It was really great. Plus, she now waits for food and beverages. And she let me use the bathroom five times! Which is only fair since giving birth to her is the reason why I need the bathroom so often. (I didn’t tell her this part, obviously.)

If it weren’t for the fact that my connecting flight in Minneapolis was at the opposite end of the interminable airport, this would almost be a restful trip.

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