How Capital Wins, Part 1

Since liquid capital owns all the mass media and is aggressively squeezing out any alternative means of mass communication, it implants in our conscience ideas and concepts that are helpful to capital. We all become little agents of liquid capital, busily laying the road for its triumphant march.

Capital knows how to reward us for this self-defeating work. It takes away welfare protections but instead gives us feelings of virtuousness and superiority. Humans are by nature more selfish and competitive than altruistic and cooperative. (If you don’t agree, observe a group of toddlers at play. They are more ferocious in their competitiveness than a bunch of Wall Street traders). Capital feeds our natural need to feel superior to others and, in return, undermines the already tenuous and artificially grown capacity to empathize and cooperate.

Capital works at an advantage from the start.


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