In a move that I was too naive to anticipate, Resistance devolved into resisting any attempt to end US wars in the Middle East.

My problem is that I’m too literal. When people say, “We are against war,” I think, “Ah, they are against war. I like that.” But what they really mean is “we are against the other side and whatever it supports.” Somehow, I never manage to anticipate this.

I’m a person who is befuddled by parties, so the tribal aspect of political identifications is completely beyond me. I know it exists but it’s so irrelevant to my life that I never take it into account.


One thought on “Literal”

  1. I think everybody judges what they experience or observe in that same manner
    …that of viewing things the way they would perceive them or interact with them, as opposed to the actual reality of the subject or situation.
    The way others think can often be quite alien to one.


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