The New York Times has completely lost it:

Today, with some notable exceptions, the nation is reacting to the opioid epidemic by humanizing people with addictions … That depth of sympathy for a group of people who are overwhelmingly white was nowhere to be seen during the 1980s and 90s, when a cheap, smokable form of cocaine known as crack was ravaging black communities across the country. News organizations shoulder much of the blame for the moral panic that cast mothers with crack addictions as irretrievably depraved and the worst enemies of their children.

Mothers who use drugs while pregnant – be those drugs crack cocaine, heroin, oxycodone, nicotine, etc – are irretrievably depraved and fuck those evil bitches from here to hell. I feel every compassion for addicts but only for as long as they don’t victimize children. Their race is of zero interest to me. They all suck.

Ukrainian Village

We were at the Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago:

And then we went to a Ukrainian store which looks exactly like the museum. So we bought a lot of these embroidered Ukrainian shirts. I’ll be wearing one to my talk about Basque literature tomorrow. Confuse everybody completely.

Now we’ve got to pop over to the Spanish bookstore, and I’ll be in paradise.

MLA = Sears

We keep hearing that Sears, Toys ‘R Us, bookstore chains, etc all died because of the internet. As if anybody prevented them from changing their model in a way that would survive technology.

It’s the same with the MLA. It has shed all of the involvement with the job search process, and technology is its excuse. “Nobody will interview at the MLA when there is Skype. Nobody advertises jobs on the MLA website because there is a plethora of cheaper competitors.”

And so on. The possibility of offering something that the technology can’t (and there are million things) doesn’t even occur.

This year, the lineup of plenary speakers is simply ridiculous. There is not a single celebrity in sight. People would come to listen to celebrities.

The access to the book fair is barred to the badgeless. God forbid members of the public discover that professors publish books and maybe even – the horror! – try to read them.

The planning seems to be done with the express purpose of making the experience inconvenient. Language and literature sessions are few because it’s crucial to make space for endless sessions filled with SJW drivel. And so on.

So yeah, technology is definitely to blame. Definitely.

Just Apologize

Warren, on the other hand, has managed to avoid being bullied by the freaks, has been good on the Syria withdrawal, and overall seems more promising. If only she had the courage to apologize for the Native American claims right now and put the issue to rest before the campaign. Otherwise, everything she says and does will happen in the shadow of this ridiculousness.


OK, so Bernie still hasn’t grown any balls for his interactions with SJW freaks. He might just as well not run at all.

This is why I supported Hillary over him back in the day. The guy is not a fighter. The crazies give him a look, and he grovels. With all her massive faults, Hillary didn’t beg for mercy like this.