Just Apologize

Warren, on the other hand, has managed to avoid being bullied by the freaks, has been good on the Syria withdrawal, and overall seems more promising. If only she had the courage to apologize for the Native American claims right now and put the issue to rest before the campaign. Otherwise, everything she says and does will happen in the shadow of this ridiculousness.


2 thoughts on “Just Apologize”

  1. Nah. At this point, the smartest thing for Warren to do is say nothing at all about that old issue, and just move forward with her candidacy. Big public apologies about past missteps never placate everybody — they just give your adversaries a new opportunity to pile on.


    1. “the smartest thing for Warren to do is say nothing at all”

      I very much agree, there’s not a single case of a public apology working in the last… how many years? It’s like throwing chum into the water hoping that will calm the sharks down.
      I’m neutral on Warren in policy terms (don’t know enough) but her attempts to appear like a regular Sally Housecoat seem forced and unnatural, like an employer trying to be friendly to the maid or plumber.
      I don’t see her candidacy catching fire….


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